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Garrett Grand Master CX and more comments.

June 20, 2022 08:32PM avatar
The "nail board test" is only one of several tests that should be taken into consideration.---

Quite true. ALL 'tests' are only that, a 'test' to get an idea about a detector's strengths and weaknesses. The final test of realization is to take the units out and use them in natural sites for finding unknown targets at uncertain depths, in odd orientations and often with nearby masking trash.

One think I pointed out to the fellow was the BellTone audio 'Off' had his Garrett handling some nail conditions bettet. Still didn't match what my Tesoro was doing but was better. Matter of fact, we finished our discussion and demonstration and he made the cbange and started using a proper sweep. Turned and hunted off toward his vehicle maybe 15 feet and made a bucket-lister find .... a 2-Cent piece.

That detector can do some things many modern detectors can't do as well, but it and most newer stuff still wouldn't bump my Tesoro's from my line-up.

Wouldn't nudge my Garrett Apex, either, because the Apex has more going for it overall.


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Garrett grand master cx

Albert 368 June 20, 2022 12:28PM

Re: Garrett grand master cx

D&P-OR 265 June 20, 2022 06:07PM

Garrett Grand Master CX and more comments.

Monte 226 June 20, 2022 08:32PM

Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

Monte 277 June 20, 2022 06:07PM

Re: Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

Albert 157 June 21, 2022 07:36AM

Re: Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

Monte 173 June 21, 2022 11:04PM

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