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Re: Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

June 21, 2022 11:04PM avatar
Hi Monte , in the video the person is using the Garrett grand master hunter cx . It has the two discrimination control knobs on the side of the case . Would that allow him have a better adjustment on discriminating out the nails and hitting the target as compared to the cx111 being all computerized?

The GMH CX and CX 2 use the dual variable Discrimination knobs an your CX 3 relies on Accepting or Rejecting the various Discrimination 'segments' on the display. Technically, one would presume you could make a slight adjustment of the variable Disc. control to sort of 'fine-tune' the point of rejection if you wanted to just barely reject Iron Nails. In theory that might be a good thing. However, it goes beyond that to include how 'rejected' a target is at any setting and then the detector's ability to respond to a non-ferrous target that is close to a rejected Iron Nail or other object.

Detector circuitry design plays more of a role than many think when it comes to separation or recovery performance, even when using comparable search coils. Here are some examples using my NBPT:

Teknetics Omega 8000 V4 w/5" DD coil. Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Break-Point is '40'. Most Iron nails are rejected at a Disc. setting of '16' and on the NBPT you are lucky to get 4-out-of-8 hits. Increase the Disc. to '40' and performance is much worse.

Omega 8000 V5 or V6 w/5" DD coil, the Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Break-Point is still '40', but to reject the Iron nails it requires a Disc. setting of '37' to '39'. Obviously no 'fine-tuning'. Terrible on the NBPT even with a 5" DD coil.

13 kHz Teknetics T2, any version, w/5" DD coil. Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Break-Point is also '40' but it rejected Iron Nails at a Disc. setting of about '21'. Can usually got 5 or sometimes 6-out-of-8 on the NBPT. Increase the Disc. level to a setting of '40' and it impacted the performance of the T2 to get 1 or 2 fewer hits on the NB.

15 kHz Nokta FORS CoRe w/4.7X5.2 DD coil.. Ferrous Break-Point is also '40' and it knocks out Iron Nails at '21', but it gives 8-out-of-8 hits on the NBPT, and increase the Disc. to '40' and it still hits 8-for-8.

19 kHz Nokta FORS Relic w/5" DD coil, Ferrous Break at '20' and rejects Iron Nails at about '8', but still gets 8-for-8 and with a Disc. at the '20' Break-Point still hits 8-for-8. Without an old Garrett in-hand, to include your CX 3, it is hard to be sure what they can or can't do on the NBPT.

I have a 6x9 dd coil for my cx111 . Just need to get a nail board to test.

Most Garrett's and Tesoro's and many other detectors can often work better with a Concentric coil than with a Double-D type.

E-mail me here: monte@ahrps.org and give me your full name and mailing address,

I’m just curious and not making or trying to compare any brands . I was searching the internet to see if I could find a Garrett grand master hunter cx but one or two that I found where kind of expensive. Surprised that so few are for sale being that quite a few were sold back in their day.

I have no problem with folks doing comparisons on the Forums. If I hade a CX 3 I would likely look for a newer detector than try to find a CX or CX 2.


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Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

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Re: Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

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Re: Grand Master Hunter CX Vs Nail Board ???

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