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Detector Talk - So What's the Plan ?

March 23, 2019 12:03PM avatar
During a conversation on the Tesoro page, JT made a post I’ve copied that can be seen below. He brings up some interesting points as he's been 'looking' more closely at the Equinox or 'NOX' as some call it.

rich!..i have been studying the "nox" for a long time now, and it appears that for 'coin shooting" it brings some "game changing" features, along with the "results" to the fight. Guys are reporting catching "high tone" squeaks in "crap" laden parks.they then "warble" around the spot,looking for your high id along with the ferrous id,and low-toned iron.finding a lot of stuff "overlooked" by countless number of hunters from before. are you experiencing this as well with the 800?..many, many reports from different hunters about this!

In direct answer to your question or at least how I understand it is, YES. When I'm hunting with my 800, I find targets that I consider difficult, that most detectorists would miss (or have missed) if they didn't know their detector well or if their detector was a less capable model or if they weren't paying keen attention to what they were doing.

The way that I've set up my 800 makes it easier for ME to find harder targets in the places that I normally hunt. I can't say that it will do the same for the next guy.

My results are the evidence to myself that I am doing things right. I am finding difficult targets in hard hunted places, but not by the bushel. I am having to work for them.

IF this is true, then it 'must" be the very fast processor, coupled with the multi frequencies being transmitted simultaneously that's getting the deal done! apparently the "nox" is partially unmasking a lot of coin in high trash laden areas.


I don't know the processor(s) used in the Equinox nor the clocking speed or the intricacies of how Minelab processes the signals. I have an electronics background and may have worked in one or more of the semi-conductor fabs used to manufacture some of the chips on the circuit board, so I do have an interest. But, Minelab keeps their cards pretty close to the vest and don't share their trade secrets with the world. Does it matter to me in the long run? Not really. I'm investing in a piece of equipment. What I want to know is, Will it work for me?

Having used one for a year, would I recommend the 'NOX' to everybody out there? No. Why would I say No? Because I don't know the places you hunt or what you are searching for or how you interact with a detector or your budget constraints or where your personal skill levels lie.

I don't know what your competition is hunting with and how good they are with whatever detectors they use(d). Remember, many of the sites that I am hunting have been hunted before. So do I really want to go back with the same detector the competition uses with the same settings and go over the same ground and hope they were sloppy or had a lapse in concentration? Hmmm. Is that my plan?

Maybe I want to hunt with something that has strong points where previous detectors and detectorists had weaknesses. What are the weaknesses of the detectors on the market? Where might previous detectorists have left targets behind?

Like I said, each of us must figure this stuff out for ourselves. I believe that it takes time and effort and patience AND A PLAN. This is just a little insight to MY PLAN.

For the last year, as I've used my 800, I've gained a good level of confidence with it. Take that for what it's worth. Of course, this is just the world through my eyes. Each of us has to do like JT and take a hard look at things and determine if we believe we can make it successful.

Rich (Utah)

It's YOU that makes the difference.
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Detector Talk - So What's the Plan ?

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Re: Detector Talk - So What's the Plan ?

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