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Re: Detector Talk - So What's the Plan ?

March 27, 2019 01:58PM
There are a few guys in our local club who own the 600. They are making lots of silver coin and jewelry finds on a continuous basis at places known to be hunted out. Gee, almost sound like they are helping promote sales by the local dealer who loves selling Minelab Noxs. Really, made me suspicious, they have taken others there who found nothing, other guys found a few items, a hint was made the items were planted ahead of time.............kind of like the TV detectot dramas.

Have to admit, seen the above happen in the '80-90's by dealers and dealer friends...LOL. Made these guys the big stars in the club but, it was all fake, planted etc. They were called on it..............

But, something similar happened back in the day when the Minelab Explorer came out. The owners were raking in the deeper silver everyone else missed and couldn't get a peep out of. I was amazed, hunted with those guys and watched the goods get dug up. I felt out gunned with my higher end White's detector and the Garrett Master Hunter ADS didn't did not fare any better. Kind of felt defeated with my lack luster finds. Buying an EX at the time was way out of my budget. I remember somewhere at that point deciding to invest in scuba and a Garrett XL500 VLF water machine and go for gold. Remember that one beach water hunt, one week straight 8 hours, 3 tanks of air. A gold ring would pop up every 15 minutes, besides the silver jewelry, silver and clad coins and the trash that filled a 5 gallon bucket.

Maybe the local guys are indeed plucking all this silver out of these spots with the NOX, just like the Explorer did back then. More power to them.......just as happy finding the gold ring(s) and jewelry, clad over the old silver coins. Will have to pull out my Pi with the 5 and 7" coils and see what gold they left behind. After I run the Nokta Anfibio-Multi thru there.

I never got a long with the Minelab MF detectors that I have owned over the years, too much music to the ears? Right now, a Nox is not much in the budget, even tho I wouldn't mind obtaining one. More than happy with what I currently own and use and don't see a NOX in the future.

Happy Hunting

I dig it with a Nokta/Makro product.
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Detector Talk - So What's the Plan ?

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Re: Detector Talk - So What's the Plan ?

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