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j.t., trying to figure out different detectors is difficult because there is no 'norm' in how we define 'trash.'

April 10, 2019 12:16AM avatar
yes! it is becoming 'clear" to me as time marches on, that the 'nox" truly is an 'edge" in the war on trash. it appears to be partially unmasking good targets in the junk.
In this wonderful world of metal detectors and metal detecting, we really should insert comparisons to better understand what some makes and models can and can't do well, if we want to associate their in-the-field performance against other makes and models. With regard to the Minelab Equinox series, I believe what we have been able to clearly see is the company now offers a model that provides superior performance to their own BBS and FBS series models, that have been so popular for a couple of decades, when it comes to providing a quicker response and faster recovery in a more challenging iron contaminated site.

Because of this, the Equinox does fit in a different class of detector models which show improved performance over some makes and models when trying to locate a partially-masked good, non-ferrous target in more challenging iron debris environments. But it didn't really move to the head-of-the-line amongst the group of detectors with 'unmasking abilities' in ferrous debris, it simply offered a better product from Minelab that provides a model that now joins a group of detectors that can demonstrate some enhanced performance.

But we need to better define just what we mean by 'junk' in order to compare the in-the-field capabilities of any make or model, and that's where personal site interpretations makes it more difficult to convey to others what we feel we are able to experience afield. The resulting end-performance each of us experiences is also determined by other things, such as where the Discrimination is set, or perhaps the search coil size and design type which can also play a vital role.

we deal with the same thing here in the east. it's universal in that we need to get at the stuff hidden in the trash.
Comparing things where I live and hunt, to where Rich (Utah) lives and hunts, to places 'back East' where you and others live and hunt can be drastically different before we ever even start to consider 'junk' or 'trash,' because there can be very different and challenging types of ground mineral environments. We first have to address this challenge to ensure our detectors are better able to deal with the severity of some ground mineral environments.

When it coms to being able to handle 'junk' or 'trash' conditions, that falls into two categories: Iron or Ferrous type trash and the more typically modern Non-Ferrous debris. Yes, any site might have some amount of magnetic-based targets like an occasional iron nail, bobby pin, paper clip or other small ferrous object, but in most typical urban environments where Coin Hunters seem to lurk, the amount of, or comparison of, 'iron trash' can be drastically different from a lot of the discarded debris associated with portions of many older-use places others might search in a more rural environment.

To achieve the better chance of success, I have long preferred a smaller-size search coil. Also, depending upon the particular make and model, I might adjust my Discrimination low enough to just barely accept Iron Nails, so I rely on using a model to help me audibly classify some ferrous Vs non-ferrous targets. With a few of my detectors, my favorites from Tesoro, the Discrimination doesn't adjust that low to accept Nails, so I always leave their Discrimination control at the lowest/minimum setting. On other makes and models with a broader-range Disc. adjustment, the highest Discrimination level I generally use is just barely enough to reject common Iron Nails, and no higher.

carpets of ferrous everywhere makes for a very long, and tiring day.
Using the Disc. settings I just described enhances my ability to work in and around a lot of closely-positioned Nails, or what some call a "bed of nails" or perhaps a "carpet of ferrous debris." Many detectors that are very good for urban type, day-to-day Coin Hunting fall short when it comes to handling dense iron debris conditions, and it gets worse when they are trying to reject or Discriminate out the unpleasant ferrous junk. Even among the models we have available today that can demonstrate "fast processing" or an ability to quickly "separate" closely-spaced non-ferrous targets, we find champions of that ability that still can't match the iron-trash handling of some of the competitor's offerings.

Many of my close detecting buddies over the past several decades learned that I often assign a new name to a favorite hunt site. Sometimes a name for an entire ghost town or military encampment or similar site of activity, and even within a site I will use a name to refer to a particular area or section of the site. As an example, one of the ghost towns we like to hunt from where I live I renamed "Phil's Place" and then the past couple of years renamed it 'Rippville.' At that location I use three names to refer to the areas of interest I might want to concentrate on, such as 'the Flatlands,' or 'the Pasture' or perhaps my favorite, 'Tin Hill.'

Now, 'Tin Hill' should really be spelled TIN or T.I.N. Hill because the 'tin' portion of the name came from it producing a lot of Tokens, Indian Head Cents and Nickels, mainly 'V' Nickels. There are 'pockets' of more heavy iron junk here and there about the entire town site, but coincidently, T.I.N. Hill isn't just a good starting point to up your edge on finding an older Trade Token or early era Coin, but a big section of that 'Hill' is also one of the nastiest places to have to deal with a dense debris of Rusty Tin along with the nails and other discarded junk.

I hope to see how an Equinox will be able to deal with it before the month is out when a few folks show up for a casual outing of a small group of devoted friends. I plan to do some side-by-side comparisons against some of the models in my personal Detector Outfit. It will be interesting, to me at least, to know how the Equinox series can tackle that 'carpet of trash.'

Just a reminder that while the Equinox can be good and is certainly an improvement over some models on the market, it still isn't going to be the ideal unit for everyone. It's just another better-performing detector that has come on the scene and, for some folks, it might be just the thing they want.


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Weekend Outing Attachments

UtahRich 507 April 08, 2019 11:08AM

Very good hunt. I like the finds N/T

NWCindy 319 April 08, 2019 07:54PM

Re: Weekend Outing

Kickindirt 322 April 08, 2019 07:42PM

Obviously a very rewarding weekend.thumbs up

Monte 288 April 08, 2019 05:37PM

So many places to hunt and not enough time in the week !

UtahRich 324 April 08, 2019 06:25PM

Re: Weekend Outing

jmaryt 311 April 08, 2019 01:39PM

Working up a few targets

UtahRich 322 April 08, 2019 03:19PM

Re: Working up a few targets

jmaryt 315 April 08, 2019 07:45PM

j.t., trying to figure out different detectors is difficult because there is no 'norm' in how we define 'trash.'

Monte 366 April 10, 2019 12:16AM

Re: j.t., trying to figure out different detectors is difficult because there is no 'norm' in how we define 'trash.'

jmaryt 329 April 10, 2019 01:39PM

Good, Better, Best . . . . .

UtahRich 366 April 10, 2019 05:09PM

Re: Good, Better, Best . . . . .

jmaryt 342 April 10, 2019 07:44PM

To Dig or Not To Dig -

UtahRich 290 April 08, 2019 08:57PM

Re: To Dig or Not To Dig -

jmaryt 340 April 09, 2019 07:08PM

Change of Venue ? Change of plans . . .

UtahRich 329 April 09, 2019 09:56PM

Re: Change of Venue ? Change of plans . . .

jmaryt 321 April 10, 2019 01:45PM

Re: To Dig or Not To Dig - Attachments

DesertRokon 340 April 09, 2019 08:14PM

Trash Density

UtahRich 326 April 09, 2019 10:06PM

Picking it up then dumping it out. confused smiley

Monte 304 April 10, 2019 12:33AM

Re: Weekend Outing

OregonGregg 316 April 08, 2019 03:14PM

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