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Finally purchased a Minelab Equinox.............

June 11, 2019 05:52PM
Finally acquired a Minelab Equinox after 12 months of doing my homework on this detector,i have certain criteria's that i adhere too when buying not only detectors or detecting related equipment but anything that is new to the market,main reason being what is the item like reliability wise,software issues and any other design flaws,well the 12 month buying criteria has passed and i was finally happy that this would be a wise purchase i decided that i would buy one.

So the choice was on offer was which model do i get and even though the 800 was very tempting and i could certainly afford it,the 600 in my mind would do exactly what i wanted from a detector so much more,why do i need 20 and 40 khz in single freq mode i dont do nugget hunting,it was the multi freq that i wanted and that was the magic appeal of this detector,also did i require a variable level backlight rather than a simple on/off ??? the answer to these questions and the other slight variations that i would never use......once again a 'No'

Well the Equinox arrived or Nox 600 as most folks call it,and this is only the second Minelab that i have ever owned after my Musketeer from 15 years ago and which is still own,what made me veer away from Minelab was the fact that you are dictated into buying specific freq coils like on the Exterrible range to gain the other freqs ie base freq,7.5khz and 18khz and that put me off for what i thought was life,but the attraction of the multi freq in the one coil of the Equinox change that.

So what do i think of the Nox thus far,i dont have alot of hours on the clock with this detector and was expecting it too be a massive steep learning curve,but when i buy a new detector i am in for the long haul and will keep usually for years and years and gain 1000 of hours learning it,the Nox is so simple i had it running almost out of the box with settings suited for my style of detecting here in the UK,once these main settings are dialled in then its just the odd tweak fine tuning for the targets and ground conditions that i am on that day,thank god the days of requiring a degree in rocket programming like the DFX machines have long gone,this detector not only is very simple but of course if you are one of these 'rocket programmer' types of people then it will fit your bill as well,but i can be from switching the detector up and detecting straight away,its extremely simple to use and the weight is certainly not a issue,being able to swing a detector for long periods of time was one of my major worries as i suffered bad problems with my right wrist decades ago as a result of a motorbike accident and it makes no odd how hard i try with my left arm the swing combination with a detector just dont work.I can swing this detector all day long since i have owned it and never had any issues with pain or anything like that.

Final initial thoughts about this Equinox 600 and this would also related too the 800 as well,glad i done my homework as its turned out a total joy using it,find rate has increase by a massive margin especially on my farmland and pasture sites which can be deep roman and saxon,basically it relegated my Deus to back and my T2 to 3rd position.The enjoyment factor of using this detector was going to be paramount and boy oh boy it certainly has given me alot of enjoyment and pleasure since buying this Equinox and also the improvement finds wise as well.

Equinox,Deusx2,T2,TDI Pro,Nexus MP,Nexus SE,Fisher TW-5,IDX Pro,DFX,Arado120b,Mirage PI,Crossbow PI and just a few others.
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Finally purchased a Minelab Equinox.............

RickUK 404 June 11, 2019 05:52PM

Purchased a Minelab Equinox.............

UtahRich 303 June 12, 2019 01:03AM

Re: Purchased a Minelab Equinox.............

RickUK 305 June 12, 2019 01:20AM

Re: Finally purchased a Minelab Equinox.............

jmaryt 308 June 11, 2019 07:51PM

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