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Way to go!!!thumbs up

November 29, 2019 10:40PM avatar
Thanks Monte,

Sorry I left out some of the usual details, I was in a bit of a rush and typing from my cell phone, never an easy thing. Let's see if I can fill in a couple gaps.


What type of site did you hunt to round up all those rings?

I've been frequenting places I think I can find lost jewelry; playgrounds, sports fields, parks, swimming / Water sports / Boating areas. There are a number of detectorists out there, including our own Zincoln, who are doing pretty well in search of lost gold. While I don't have a magic V3i and Brian's detecting prowess, I am hoping for improvement.

It has been a little difficult finding productive areas as there is a lot of competition out there. To improve my odds, I've been doing A LOT of scouting to obvious and not-so-obvious places. Every once in a while it pays off. and some good things turn up.

One of the challenges I'm facing is finding areas when people lose items I want to find. As many know, the newer generation is not as keen on the tradition of gold wedding bands and jewelry of precious metals in general, preferring to go with silicon rings with flecks of gold or silver in them or the dark tungsten carbide rings. These rings have little or no intrinsic value. I have begun to accumulate a number of these worthless rings.


Settings used and, out of curiosity, what VDI read-outs did they give on the EQ-800?

Park 1. Pretty much my standard program I've listed on here before. I was bouncing between 5 tones and multi-tones since I was removing most all conductive targets from this area anyway.

Target ID's? This batch of rings came up between 8 and 23. Most of the rings were in the dreaded 'corroding zinc penny' range between 15 and 21. The zincolns I recovered were often so corroded they were no longer round and would give a weaker signal that would smear over 3 or 4 numbers. Meanwhile, a nickel, clad dime, quarter or copper penny, as well as rings, would hold a solid narrow signal. You would think this would save me the time of having to dig any corroded zinc pennies. Not so, as I still found that a shallow zinc penny can be masking other targets. I made of point of getting them out of the way as quickly as I could.


I guess you're still 'comfortable' with both the EQ-800 and Deus for assorted applications. Sad we have to deal with being shut-ins (if not working) for a month or two or three.


Yes, I'm really comfortable with my 800, Deus and CoRe.

I awoke to 8-9" of very wet snow this morning. I did manage to sneak out to a spot and turn up a small handful of change. Not sure it was worth all the time it took to clean up afterward, but it was nice to get out. And as I look out the window across the valley I live in I see the snowflakes falling backlit in the night from the headlights of cars and trunks. Time to get settled in for that long winter's nap.

Rich -


800 - Deus

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Ring in the holidays.

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Re: Ring in the holidays.

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Scouting, research . . .

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Platinum Club, Gold Club, Palladium Club . . . . .

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Way to go!!!thumbs up

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Way to go!!!thumbs up

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