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When do you prefer the Equinox 800 over the Deus?

December 01, 2019 04:34PM avatar
Types of sites? Programs/Modes? Coil preference?

Most of the time, I could use either the 800 or the Deus, If I've hunted a particular site a number of times with one detector, or others have hit a site with one particular type detector, I'll often try something different just for a change of pace and see if doing things a different way can help me find a keeper or two.

When is the 800 my Preference? When I am hunting in / around water / rain / snow, I prefer the 800 just from the standpoint of avoiding water damage to my Deus.

Coil Selection: I have both the 11" and 6" coils for the 800. Which coil I use is very site and situation dependent. Again, sometimes it is nice to switch things up a bit. If everybody has been using small coils, sometimes I'll pick a bigger coil and use big coil advantages to my favor. The reverse is true as well, small coil separation can help unmask co-located targets.

Programs: I've had my 800 for about 20 months now and have a lot of hours on it. For most of my coin and jewelry hunting I am using Park 1. There are a couple places that I will use Gold 1 due to the area and the targets.

I like to take advantage of iron tones and will usually run with NO discrimination, preferring to hear a low, quiet tone if I sweep over a nail or other ferrous target. Knowing there are ferrous targets under my coil helps me unmasking possible good targets.

I have been using 5 tones much of the time, which is a change from many years of using the minelab multi-tones with my FBS detectors (explorer xs, etrac). I've found that setting up my 5 tones has helped me in focusing on rings.

Detailed settings - I've posted my general settings a few times and won't bore you with them again. The new software update offers more Ferrous options. Be sure you do your own homework here and don't just copy from others. Your results may be different.

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800 - Deus
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UtahRich ... When do you prefer the Equinox 800 over the Deus?

Monte 328 November 30, 2019 11:21AM

When do you prefer the Equinox 800 over the Deus?

UtahRich 263 December 01, 2019 04:34PM

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