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A reply from a Non-Equinox owner.

March 28, 2020 05:00PM avatar
Anyone hunting using 50 tones & all metal with the 800?
I can assure you that would never be me. I've tried an EQ-800 w/50 Tones, as well as the Delta Pitch or 99-Tones or Full-Tones and other names used to describe a similar function on detectors fro Fisher,& Teknetics, Nokta / Makro and XP and others before them. I have friends who have tried 50-Tones on their Equinox, but the more they hunted and compared audio tones, especially when they hunted trashier sites with more ferrous debris, the less they liked 50-Tones and the more they preferred 5-Tones. That's where my preference is, 5-Tones. I don't have the Equinox but have two Vanquish 540's and they use a similar breakdown and audio for 5-Tones.

I've been working on learning to use it the last few weeks and it "seems" like I am finding better stuff.
Have you figured out WHY you might be finding better stuff?

Have you had the EQ-800 very long and used maybe 5-Tones a lot and are now learning 50-Tones, or did you get the 800 more recently and you're starting out with 50-Tones?

Which search mode are you using?

What search coil are you using?

Are you also getting out more often and putting in more hunt-time?

Are you searching different locations, or hunting places you've worked previously?

And finally, are you also recovering more targets in an effort to learn this detector and audio setting, thus recovering more and increasing the good-target potential?

In heavy trash it is mind crushing, but I am trying to stay with it for awhile to see if it will get easier.
Good luck on trying to maintain some sanity with all the different audio tone-noise racket, especially in very littered sites.

Also, has anyone run this configuration on Monte's nail board to see what the result is?
With which search coil, the standard 11" DD or smaller 6" DD coil.

I did try an Equinox on my Nail Board, but I don't know it which Tones mode he had it in. That was a couple of years ago so I don't recall the results, specifically. It was with the 11" DD as they didn't have the 6" coil out yet, and the results were not impressive at all It was my friend's Equinox 800 and a few of us were doing comparisons so I didn't tinker with his settings. I know it was only in Multi-IQ and it was at the default '0' Ground Balance setting. Personally, I'd never hunt that way, and most likely it would have been in 5-Tones.

My Vanquish 540, which is Multi-IQ only and I can't select a single frequency, is out in my vehicle as I am headed out for a short hunt. I do know that on the NBPT the V-540, using the 9X12 DD and with Disc. accepting everything above the first two segments doesn't do well. It struggled on sweep-route #2 and is so-so on some others with that bigger-size coil. Not what I'd be using in an Iron Nail contaminated site. The performance problem could be search coil related (size and/or type); Discrimination circuitry related due to recovery speed, etc., or possibly tied in with the Ground Balance function.

Larger-size search coils are not the best choice in a trashier environment, especially with close-by Iron Nails or other ferrous debris. My Nokta / Makro Simplex + w/11" DD coil, when worked over the NBPT with the coil about 2"-3" high, generally gets maybe 4-out-of-8 hits and that's about like my Vanquish 540 w/larger 9X112 DD. I'll try the Vanquish 540 w/5X8 DD later this afternoon. I know that my Nokta CoRe w/'OOR' DD or 5X9½ DD gives a solid 8-out-of-8 on the NB, as does my Nokta Relic w/5" DD and 5X9½ DD and Nokta Impact w/5" DD..

I'll update later after I get back home.


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Eq800 hunting in 50 tones with the "horseshoe" ON

Sodbuster 403 March 28, 2020 10:44AM

A reply from a Non-Equinox owner.

Monte 296 March 28, 2020 05:00PM

Eq800 hunting in 50 tones with the "horseshoe" ON

UtahRich 247 March 28, 2020 03:59PM

Re: Eq800 hunting in 50 tones with the "horseshoe" ON

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Re: Eq800 hunting in 50 tones with the "horseshoe" ON

Kickindirt 234 March 28, 2020 12:37PM

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