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Not my fault. We just had a show-and-tell moment. cool smiley

April 21, 2020 09:31PM avatar
He must have slipped some Vanquish kool aid in my Dr. Pepper when I wasn't looking the other day when I met with him!----After he showed me his neat little Vanquish & "talked me into it"----well---I just HAD to have one!-----I got a Vanquish Pro Pack coming---gonna give it a try....

As with any detector and / or search coil, it is either going to be something an individual likes or doesn't like. What they feel makes a good 'fit' in their detector team or what doesn't, and that, naturally, depends on the types of sites they hunt or how much time they dedicate to working certain places compared with other.

In my case, I have had a lot of Simultaneous-Multi-Frequency (SMF) detectors over the past twenty-five years, and some I liked for particular applications. Most, however, I really didn't care for because they simply didn't work well in the very Iron contaminated sites I hunt. I compered them against quite a few Single-Frequency VLF detectors, in a variety of sites, and from my uses I settled on the makes and models I preferred that provided me the better general-purpose performance. I agree that some SMF detectors can do well for some applications, but I also know that they are not without their own set of weaknesses.

The Equinox 800 is a very good detector, for some people and for some uses, but it isn't a detector that really fits me or my style of hunting needs. I'm not badmouthing the EQ-800, I'm just saying it isn't what I hoped for or am satisfied with, even though it offers a lot of helpful adjustment features. So rather than buy an Equinox, until twelve days ago, I bought the Vanquish 540 Pro Pack. I anticipated a weakness or two, but also expected some useful benefits from that model. I was right on both counts.

I started working with my new Vanquish 540 Pro Pack on February 11th, just ten weeks ago today. I have hunted with most of my other detectors, and did a good bit of side-by-side comparison with it, but for the most part I have used the V-540 almost exclusively in order to learn it. Learn the strengths as well as weaknesses. I sent it off for service in the hope they could 'fix-the-glitch,' but ordered a 2nd Vanquish 540 Pro Pack that same day.

I keep my main-use 540 ready with the 5X8 DD 'mid-size' coil mounted, and for open area searches where I might benefit from coverage or depth, the 2nd 540 keeps the 9X12 DD mounted. Both units ready-to-grab as desired for the specific site needs. I have my Custom programs loaded and saved and am confident using this model when and where I select it. That said, it does not bump my Nokta FORS CoRe or FORS Relic as my primary-choice detectors for the toughest Iron Nail and other contaminated sites.

They do not nudge my Tesoro Bandido II ┬ÁMAX or Silver Sabre ┬ÁMAX from their assigned duties, either. And regardless of price, they also do not out-class my Nokta / Makro Simplex +, either. The Vanquish 540's are what they are, and they can do what they do, and for me I am very satisfied. One of those 'satisfaction' checked boxes is that they are simple, they work, and they are 'fun' to use.

It will be interesting to see what your thoughts are after you've put in some hunt-time and get an idea of what they offer.

Sure looks like it takes a long time to charge those batteries though (8 hrs.)---for only 11 hrs. running time.---huh??-----Alkalines are stated as getting 10 hrs. run time--I might just use them & have it done with.--------Del
My feelings have always been to just use some decent Alkaline AA batteries when you can. My new opinion is I have alkaline batteries on-hand, but I've made the move to rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. I can have them already charged and ready to swap when it's called for, so that's no different than doing it with Alkaline batteries. We can charge batteries in our vehicles, or plug them in at home or a motel room They can charge while the other set is keeping me detecting.

With models using the 'built-in' Lithium batteries, such as the Equinox 600 or 800, the Deus or ORX, or Kruzer series or Anfibio series, to name just six, those have to be set aside and hooked up to a charger, so, while the detector is out-of-service, I will have to use a different make or model. Thus, I don't have much of a concern about the Vanquish series charging one set while the detector is off-and-running with a battery change.


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I think I'm gonna do it & it's ALL Montes fault!!!!

D&P-OR 382 April 20, 2020 07:48PM

Not my fault. We just had a show-and-tell moment. cool smiley

Monte 223 April 21, 2020 09:31PM

Re: I think I'm gonna do it & it's ALL Montes fault!!!!

OregonGregg 254 April 21, 2020 07:08AM

Re: I think I'm gonna do it & it's ALL Montes fault!!!!

jmaryt 216 April 21, 2020 06:54PM

Re: I think I'm gonna do it & it's ALL Montes fault!!!!

D&P-OR 258 April 21, 2020 08:44AM

I think I'm gonna do it & it's ALL Montes fault!!!!

UtahRich 264 April 20, 2020 09:17PM

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