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My Vanquish 540 experiencs so far.

April 27, 2020 11:30AM avatar
For the most part, the past couple of months using my Vanquish 540 w/5X8 DD coil and preferred settings, has bee rather enjoyable. Initially I was mainly using it in some urban Coin Hunting places, like the local park, but I then took it to a CCC encampment site that became a Japanese Internment Camp. Then to a double vacant lot where they demolished an older house and graded the ground around to prepare to build two new houses ... then these is a lot of Iron of various types to deal with.

Finally, a week ago, I took it and an Equinox 800 w/6" DD coil to a gold mining era ghost town we enjoy hunting that is extremely littered with Iron Nails and a lot of other discarded Iron trash and an abundance of Rusted Tin. The more I used the V-540 the more I learned the 540 and it's strengths and weaknesses, and that meant, for me, the more I liked the V-540.

have users of the vanquish 540 found that the detector "loves deep iron",

"Loves deep iron?" No, I haven't found that to be the case with the Vanquish 540. No more than most makes and models out there in use today, and I find it to handle a lot of ferrous debris better than many other models with comparable settings. The key is learning a detector, the designed-in and adjustable settings, and learning how to audibly interpret what a detector is telling us. Different makes and models don't speak the same language, if they do, some have a peculiar accent that gets hard to understand.

regardless of whether the iron bias is set to high or low?..just curious,
as i saw you tube video of this happening in a "burnt" park the guy was digging
deep big nails, and he claimed they hit really good in a nice smooth high tone.
he said it was a "crap shoot" when ever he dug, as to whether it would be a coin
or deep iron.

With the Vanquish 540 there are a couple of functions built-in the different modes, and th operator has very little adjustment capability. They need to learn that capability and how the detector behaves with different settings. Next, you have to understand the detector and it is then an operator's skill level to interpret the audio responses which can often give a clue or a hint that a metal target might be ferrous-bases or not.

And we can't forget the metal object itself. The size, the shape, the orientation in relationship to the search coil's FMF. Keeping in mind, too, that an Iron object will have a different effect on an EMF than an identical size and shape Non-Iron object. Also think of it this way. Lost metal targets we are trying to find, but they can behave like two boys (or girls). The lost Non-Ferrous Boy, like a gold ring, silver pendant, or an aluminum or brass trade token, and for sure a non-ferrous silver, copper, clad or zinc coin, is gong to display Good Behavior when it comes to detection, signal processing, and reporting a visual VDI read-out or audio tone.

But the other Boy. The Ferrous-based delinquent, is going to display Bad-Behavior that can taunt you, tease you, fool you, and utterly annoy you. What about the detector and coil used? Well, they can all be bothered, but some have a lot more patience than others and can better handle some of that bad behavior.

Nails can be bent at an odd angle. Some nails and nail heads, with that 90° difference, can cause a problem. In some ground that is more wet saturated there can be a problem. And the search coil size and type and coil presentation can be part of the issue. Yes, I have gone after some higher-readout targets that turned out to be iron. No big deal because it happens. In my case, my Custom mode with the 5X8 DD is saved so it makes use of the Jewelry mode's designed recovery speed, and I Accept ALL of the Disc. segments except the first 2 I leave rejected. So I am going to hear Iron Nails, because I want to, but since I have more Discrimination opened up, there might be some iron trash that will occasionally produce a higher audio tone and get my attention.

I can live with that because it happens with all makes and models at times. But the bulk of the Iron debris responds the way I expect it to. That's also because when I am hunting in a lot of Iron contaminated sites I keep my Vanquish on High Iron Bias. My biggest annoyance at most places I hunt is the Rusty Can and can fragments. With the 540 and 5X8 DD coil, using High Iron Bias generally produces a 'proper' lower-tone audio and a numeric VDI of -5 to -1. Yet over the same targets with no other change except using Low Iron Bias, I then get a higher mid-range tone and a numeric VDI read-out of 11, 12 and 13. Therefore, the High Iron Bias, in my ground and challenging sites, handles the conditions and ferrous trash much better, thus, I recover fewer high-reading pieces of junk.


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vanquish 540

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My Vanquish 540 experiencs so far.

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