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Equinox 800 was 'OK' but it was something I didn't 'need.'

September 28, 2020 11:18AM avatar
I understand everything you stated, Dan, and I have read or heard all of the favorable claims from folks on the Forums. That's why I got the EQ-800 package from you, so I could see if it was something I felt I needed. But, while I liked some of the 'simplicity' about it in stock or default settings, I wasn't overly impressed with the Equinox and 6" DD when I took it afield to compare with the Vanquish 540 and 5X8 DD that I already had.

I tried a number of the settings people were using and posting on the internet, but more often than not it degraded the Equinox 800's performance. So bad that my other Multi-IQ model, the Vanquish 540, easily out-performed it and I'd have to reset the EQ back to the default settings and start all over again.

As you and many others know, I like to keep things 'Simple' yet functional, so, for me, the XP ORX is a better model than their Deus. The Nokta / Makro Simplex + I happen to prefer over their various Kruzer or Anfibio models. And I have a couple of Garrett Apex units now and, while I am sure they ought to build on the Apex 'series' concept, I might or might not be all that interested on an up-line version with more adjustment functions simply because this 'simple' intro unit works so well.

As long as a detector or two, or more, work well enough that we are satisfied and enjoy using them, then that's the important criteria. I've even thought about getting another after parting with the one I got from you, but then I am satisfied with the Multi-IQ V-540, I really like the comfort and balance, and I have heard far more negative things about the Equinox than I have the Vanquish. Leakage or component failures being two of the topics.

If you do get another, take the time and learn it well, and in the long run ... have fun and find stuff.


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Equinox 800 was 'OK' but it was something I didn't 'need.'

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What I didn't like about the NOX 800

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