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A quick trip -

October 03, 2020 04:26PM avatar
Fall is here. It's doesn't feel like a normal Fall weekend as we haven't had an appreciable rain for months. Many of the trees that would typically be shades of red and gold this time of year are just leafless, And the mountains are tinder dry for want of moisture. Dirt roads cough up a dry powder that quickly finds all the nooks and crannies of your clothing and any exposed skin.

I got up a couple mornings ago and wandered out to the front yard and found my garden hose frozen and somewhat unwilling to be moved to the backyard where I needed to soak some recently placed sod. Hopefully, the American West will get some rain.

But there are places to hunt where the sprinklers keep the grass moist and century old trees have shaded expansive lawns. Summer projects have finally been completed and I actually have a couple hours to do some detecting on a trip into town.

I have my trusty 800 with me and the 11" coil. Decided to look for some deeper targets hidden amongst the pull tabs and other conductive junk in this old park.

I'm using Park 1 today. I start off using 50 tones but change to 5 tones after a couple targets. I haven't done any serious detecting since the WTHO in June and admittedly, I'm out of practice. Using 5 tones is easier for sorting the conductive trash. I noise cancel and then ground balance at 28 with the sensitivity set at max, 25. Not hearing any interference. I have Reactivity at 4 and FE2 at 0. I change it to 6 and 2 after a short while and for the remainder of the hunt check my deepest targets between those 2 settings. Today, it seems that 6 and 2 does best.

I'm working a general area that i've hunted before, slowly moving along looking for what I call squeakers; good targets on the fringe of the detection field.

If it's a shallow target, it isn't likely to be retrieved today. Most of the shallow targets are falling in the 15-16 range, pull tabs and 16-20, zinc pennies (in various states of decay). To optimize my time and improve my odds of finding a few deep targets, I'm leaving these behind.

One of the things I really like about my 800 is the modulated audio; as targets get to the 5-6 mark, the tones weaken. This helps finding those deeper targets.

It seems like 30 of 40 minutes have passed when I hear a squeaker. I pause and start working the signal back and forth. I have no discrimination set and am listening to the low tone of iron and a target ID of -2, -6 and such. But every other sweep I get a weak squeak and the target ID jumps to 18, 19, 20. I work around the target and it is repeatable. I check in the pinpoint mode and i have a very narrow target. I think I have a coin.

I cut and carefully fold back a grass plug. There's about 5" of dirt on it. Out comes my Garrett carrot and there's no signal from anything in the hole. Nothing in the plug. This is a good sign. There's a deep target. I remove another inch of dirt and place it on my drop cloth. The pinpointer shows I am now at 6" deep and there's just a little signal in the middle of the hole. I slowly work my way down removing a little bit more dirt each time and rechecking with the pinpointer. The signal is getting stronger and remaining centered in the hole. At 8" i have a strong signal and i begin removing dirt with a finger and the edge of a coin appears. Seems to be a penny. The coin is 10* or so off of being flat and i pop it up with my finger. On the face is the welcome sight of an Indian Headress and I see 1902 just below. A 1902 IHC rests in my hand. Detail is pretty good. It's in nice shape. I rescan the hole for friends. It's quiet.

Here I bring out my cell phone and turn it back on. I immediately hear the electromagnetic interference in my headphones. This is why I typically hunt with my cell phone turned off. I take a couple pictures.and send them off to OregonGregg. While I have a reprieve from my summer yard project, Gregg is back at the grindstone, literally. It's corn season.

I slip the IHC in an old Rx container and get back to it.

Another 30 minutes passes and another squeaker comes up. This one doesn't seem as deep and is bouncing in the target ID area between 16 and 20. Maybe a really deep zinc penny ? I cut another plug and check the hole with the pinpointer. There is a target there. I take out a couple more inches of soil and I see a rim. Dime sized, but not reeded and not silver. Awful deep for a clad dime in this park. A rub reveals it is an aluminum Utah 1 Mil Sales Tax token. A little bit of corrosion on it. Nothing exciting, EXCEPT, these smaller targets are good indicators that if it was a silver dime, I would have found it.

The next hour slips by as I explore some areas I've not previously detected. I make some mental notes. Seems to be quite of few nickels mixed in with the pull tabs. Very few higher tones. And before you know it, it is time to leave. I have a couple errands to run before heading home. It's been a good 2 hours.

Nice day and nice to get out a do a little detecting after a very long wait. And good to have a coin to put in the binder, it's been a while.

Hope everybody else is having a fine fall day.

Rich -

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A quick trip -

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I enjoyed your post Rich. N/T

NWCindy 215 October 03, 2020 11:43PM

Thank you Cindy N/T

UtahRich 196 October 04, 2020 11:57AM

Glad you got out....and nice, vivid story!

zincoln 222 October 03, 2020 10:39PM

Re: Glad you got out....and nice, vivid story!

UtahRich 193 October 04, 2020 12:19PM

Re: A quick trip Rich love the play by play congrats man

Kickindirt 215 October 03, 2020 09:08PM

Apex thoughts

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Re: A quick trip Rich love the play by play congrats man

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Re: A quick trip -

Timbertodd 204 October 03, 2020 07:07PM

A quick trip -

UtahRich 204 October 04, 2020 12:40PM

Another wonderful post. 'Thank You', UtahRich.

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Re: Another wonderful post. 'Thank You', UtahRich.

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