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Enjoyable ghost town hunt with the Equinox 800

October 18, 2020 09:40AM
UtahRich is probably one of the few that will appreciate this post as there aren't too many Minelab Equinox fans on this site.

I had half of the day Saturday to get out and decided to hit a heavily hunted ghost town about an hour away from me. The town was active from about 1892-1925 so there are lots of bottlecaps and flat tin cans to deal with. I took the Deus with the 9" HF coil and my Equinox 800 as back up with the 6" coil. When I got to the site I found I had left my WS4 headphones at home on the charger. Now I could have just used the Deus controller and plugged some ear buds in. But I figured I would give the Equinox a go before I went that route as I really hate wires especially in sagebrush.

Not expecting much from the Equinox I fired it up and made some changes to Park 1, 50 tones, horseshoe ON, recovery speed, iron bias and started to hunt. Wow what a welcome relief from the usual bombardment of harsh tones from bottlecaps and flat tin I get with other metal detectors like the Racer 2 and Deus. The soft mellow tones of the Equinox even with all targets accepted was a real joy to listen to for once. Bottlecaps and flat tin either gave no signal at all or was very broken and easily identified. Obviously the lead sealed can bottoms were still a problem. The 6" coil did amazing at this site as well, getting in between rocks, brush and garbage. Small low conductive targets stood out perfectly with an accurate ID to boot. The last time I visited this site, it was with the Deus. I rarely find coins or tokens no matter what detector I'm using but did find a token last time and probably less than 8 other non-ferrous items in the 3 hours I was there. This time with the Equinox in about 3.5 hours I found probably 3 times the number of non-ferrous items. If you look at the picture of the items I found with the Equinox, it's apparent that had I gotten the Equinox coil over a coin or token it would have found it.

Now I will admit in static tests the Deus, Racer 2 and others outperform the Equinox hands down, But I'm really starting to wonder if in the field the tables aren't turned in favor of the Equinox. Not necessarily that the Equinox separates better. But that because of it's accurate ID, discrimination system, soft tones and ability to lock onto targets makes it a better choice in the long run. Audio fatigue is a big issue when ghost town hunting after about 3 hours with most detectors I'm done. Yes you can turn the disc up, lower the iron volume, etc. on other detectors and alleviate that fatigue. But at what cost? I know for a fact on the Deus the minute you start using disc and iron volume you lose some targets next to iron, The Deus runs best wide open, but you need a break after a few hours. I feel like this past experience with the Equinox I could go all day long, which equates into more finds.


XP Deus-XP ORX-Minelab Equinox 800-Minelab GPX 4000-
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Enjoyable ghost town hunt with the Equinox 800 Attachments

diggindeep 324 October 18, 2020 09:40AM

Re: Enjoyable ghost town hunt with the Equinox 800

Dan'o 203 October 18, 2020 04:27PM

Re: Enjoyable ghost town hunt with the Equinox 800

diggindeep 199 October 18, 2020 06:38PM

1st.. Congrats. -- 2nd.. I enjoy my Multi-IQ -- 3rd For months I've encouraged Gregg.

Monte 230 October 18, 2020 04:01PM

Re: 1st.. Congrats. -- 2nd.. I enjoy my Multi-IQ -- 3rd For months I've encouraged Gregg.

OregonGregg 199 October 18, 2020 04:44PM

the Equinox 800

UtahRich 230 October 18, 2020 10:57AM

Nice post Andrew

zincoln 206 October 18, 2020 10:32AM

Re: Nice post Andrew

diggindeep 200 October 18, 2020 06:48PM

Nice post Andrew -

UtahRich 189 October 18, 2020 07:39PM

Re: Nice post Andrew

OregonGregg 196 October 18, 2020 05:07PM

Re: Enjoyable ghost town hunt with the Equinox 800

OregonGregg 196 October 18, 2020 10:25AM

The Equinox 800

UtahRich 246 October 18, 2020 11:12AM

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