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Things I like and things I don't with the V-540.

November 23, 2020 05:41AM avatar
+ I like the ability to collapse it down ... but I never do since I have no need.

+ I bought the 540 Pro Pack and like the looks and performance of the 9X12 DD in open areas.

+ Although I like the round 6" DD on the Equinox, I much prefer the 5X8 DD on the Vanquish for 'average' site hunting.

+ For me, the hand-grip is comfortable, and the arm cup works OK even when bundled up for the cold.

+ The V-540 controls are 'simple', yet quick to use and functional-enough for most day-to-day quick-hit encounters.

+ I found the default High Iron Bias to work well most of the time, but glad it also has Low Iron Bias ability, if desired.

+ The V-540 has some of the Minelab audio character similar to the Equinox, for those who like it and learn it..

+ I like the up-to 5-Tone Audio ID of the V-540. (Not selectable, just based on Disc. notch acceptance.)

+ With the update the Iron Audio Volume can be set at a very comfortable level for ferrous-challenged sites.

+ The V-540 has what I would call 'above-average' TID lock-on for mid-depth to deeper-depth targets.

+ I like the available three default 'modes' or 'programs' plus the 'Custom' slot option.

+ The audio, the sound, pitch, volume, ... just overall audio, I especially enjoy with my impaired hearing.

+ The mode-based default Recovery Speeds are functional by mode-choice to fit most average hunting.

+ The Vanquish display is mostly clear, bold and easy-to-see.

+ I've found the V-540 to be a very comfortable-to-use physical design, and to me that's an important feature.

+ I like the Volume and Sensitivity control range and ease-of-access, and the Pinpoint function works well.

+ The 540 Pro Pack comes with ML-80 wireless headphones that are very comfortable and have good audio.

+ I also like the fully-adjustable and secure rod-lock system they use.

►► To this point, you can see why I liked the Vanquish 540 Pro Pack from the day I bought it. It is simply a 'likable' detector and handy as a one-only detector for many average Hobbyists, and can make a good fit to complement an outfit of detectors for the more Avid Detectorist. I think the V-540 can easily qualify as a 'ride-along' companion to have on-hand for incidental detecting opportunities that we might chance upon, such as some fresh sidewalk tear-outs, renovation work in an old park, etc. However, no detector, from any maker, is 'perfect' and we all have our own likes and dislikes so I'll continue with some of mine.◄◄

- The Display Back-Light in On or Off, and is Red and not as bright or adjustable like even the Fisher F44's Red Back-Light. Plus, I personally prefer a White Back-Light.

- I said 'most' of the Display is good, except the tiny nail image to alert Low Iron Bias is a bit too small, at least for my aging and failing eyesight.

- A.. The V-540 does not have adjustable Ground Balance and relies on a default setting by mode.

- B.. The default GB has a Negative GB effect/response or a Positive GB effect/response that differs between the Coin and Jewelry modes from the Relic mode. And the 'Custom' mode will have the same behavior as the default mode it is based on.

- C.. And because the circuitry designed GB has that too-positive or too-negative behavior, it makes the 'Horseshoe' selected All Metal option basically useless when hunting rough, uneven textured ground, over varied ground mineral conditions such as mixed rocks, or any vertical difference in coil-to-ground relationship during a search such as sweeping over a hump or mound compared with sweeping over a hole, depression or void. It is especially more noticeable in moderate to higher mineralized ground. (Note, the Vanquish does not have a traditional Threshold-based All Metal mode. The so-called 'All Metal' function simply accepts all Disc. segments to include their assigned ferrous and non-ferrous range.)

- While I really like and use the comfortable ML-80 wireless headphones, I do not like the dinky ⅛" 'mini' plug headphone socket choice, and I really do not care for the Headphone socket location. If I want to use corded headphones, it isn't an enjoyable experience.

►► And then we have the so-so or give-and-take things to live with.◄◄

+ / - I DO like the fact the V-540 is supplied with their 4 NiMH rechargeable AA batteries, and the fact is can use rechargeable AA's or a good st of Alkaline AA batteries. It's always handy to have a replaceable battery design to carry four extra batteries when out afield and working away from our vehicle. And while I have an ample supply of Alkaline batteries I have also been transitioning over to using NiMH rechargeables so I can carry 4-AA's of either type.thumbs up

However, what I DO NOT like about the V-540, when compared with all the other makes and models in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit, is that it is thirsty. Battery life is well below what I get with other AA powered devices, using 4 or 8 batteries, and even shorter than what I got when I had a Fisher F44 that is powered by 2-AA batteries. So when it comes to Vanquish 540 run-time it gets a thumbs down from me.

I can live with it because I can't get around like I used to or venture far from where I am parked so I won't get stuck off in nowhere-land and need to make a hike back to refill, so it is important for regular users, who put in longer stretches with their Vanquish, to stay on top of the battery level and go prepared with 4 extra batteries just-in-case.

If I decide to hang onto the V-540 and use it more often in the future, the new R-n-R battery for the Vanquish series is a great concept. The reported run-time with that device is about 30 hours, and it fits in and replaces the batteries and battery door of the V-540, plus as has external charging port so it doesn't need to be removed.

Reminder: If you have a side pocket on your Recover Pouch to carry 4 extra AA batteries just in case of an emergency or the R-n-R battery dies, also remember to put the Vanquish Battery Door/Cover in the pouch with the 4-AA spares as it will be needed when you change over.

Here is what I do to get along with the Vanquish 540 to enjoy a day afield:

• I first check the battery level before I wander of to do some detecting.

• I use my 'Custom' program probably 95% of the time. It works for me because I keep the 5X8 DD mounted full-time for typical search conditions with a lot of modern trash to deal with, or other common debris in vacant lots and such.

• Because I am more often in littered environments, I based my 'Custom' program on the default Jewelry mode so it relies on that Recovery Speed, and then I accept ALL of the Discrimination segments except the first two. That way I will hear all of the non-ferrous targets and a fair amount of ferrous-based junk, but the Low-Volume Iron range setting keeps things pleasant. And, by rejecting the first two segments, it eliminates the annoying false-response due to the incorrect GB behavior from the All Metal (full Disc. accept) search option using the 'Horseshoe' button.

• Most of the time I leave the Iron Bias in the default 'High' setting because it helps deal with a lot of the discarded Bottle Caps around picnic areas, bleacher and stadium areas, and other similar trashy sites.

• The V-540 works well with a good slow and methodical sweep speed and site coverage.

• If hunting a more open area with sparse targets to mask deeper-keepers, I then opt for the 9X12 DD coil and change to the default Relic mode. I then accept all the lower-end Disc. segments I want (usually all but the first two) and take advantage of the Relic mode's slower Recovery Speed which is like using a 'Deep Process' function on many other makes and models.

Okay, that's about it for now on my thoughts pro and con.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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