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It surprises me...

November 22, 2020 06:02PM
That more people on this forum aren't using the Equinox 800.

I was able to get yesterday for a couple of hours before I got to cold to carry on. 38* and dropping fast was just too much for my bare fingers! I was hunting an area that is always wet due to watering, that has lots of medium sized trees around the property. This is where the Cub and Boy Scouts hold some of their annual events. There is no limit to the modern and iron trash littering this site but overall it is not too bad. There are lots of coins to be found due to the tradition of using coins for and in some of these activities that are held here. There is a large covered area with tables off to one side which is were most of the trash is concentrated. Due to the constant watering of this area the tree roots are shallow and almost like an underground mat that is just plain too much to deal with sometimes.

What I am learning about the 800 is that it can pull good signals from in and around ferrous and non ferrous trash alike! I have other machines that do this quite well also but not so much with an 11" coil! I pulled 11 quarters, 4 dimes, 2 nickles, a few copper pennies and 7 zinc pennies. The only iron I dug was 2 nails and one rusty screw that were in the hole with a coin. The reason for this is that the 800 has some great iron tells. It takes a good deal of coil control and various techniques to get the full picture of whats in the ground but I find that as long as i'm willing to do my part and am able to listen carefully enough, it's there. I use low single frequency to second check non ferrous targets that might fall in the pull tab or foil range and for those targets that seem too big or miss shapen - like can slaw.

With signals in the zinc penny range it's sometimes easy to hear the corroded zincs, again if I put in the effort. I am starting to be able to hear the difference in the sound quality between zincs and copper pennies, sometimes.

The rusty screw was above and about an inch or so away from 2 quarters that were not touching but in the same hole. It was fairly easy to pull the good signal out from the screw once I slowed down and checked the signal from various angles while concentrating my swing to down to almost a wiggle. The 2 nails were each located with a penny. The second one was with a zinc that I called but the vdi was a couple of points lower than usual.

I dug a few square tabs that I though were good signals and dug 2 that I was able to identify as junk due to one being bent and the other somewhat cut up.

I got fooled by a quarter sized piece of can slaw that was balled up and a few pieces of small foil that had good tone and low vdi's in the 1-3 range. There was a tarp grommet that I was sure was a quarter and a small chrome nut that just baffled me, so I dug it to see what it was.

I'm becoming a more efficient detectorist because I am better able to judge targets before digging. Am I missing some good targets by relying too heavily on the detector, perhaps, but for now I will continue learning this machine.

One thing I really enjoy about this detector is that I don't find myself wanting or needing to change coil sizes as mush as with the Anfibio or other detectors. It's nice to be able to hunt a soccer field and when I come to a trashy area I don't have to avoid it, I just dive right in. Yes, there are areas that are too congested with trash but I find that by slowing way down its usually doable until I hit overload in my brain!

I'm using field 1 and 2 with stock settings except for putting them in 2 tone, if not already set up that way, for more iron infested areas and park 1 and 2 in mostly modern trashy areas. I keep my sensitivity 20 or below unless I'm in an open area with few targets, then I may bump it up to as much as 23. Because I'm still learning the nuances of the tones. I almost always run with all metal on except when I just need a break.

I did use prospect/gold mode at a volley ball area where I was getting absolutely zero targets even in all metal. I found it very interesting to listen to the variations in the ground. Still no targets though except for a couple of iron signals.

I'm glad I got another 800 and am taking the time to learn it. I missed almost everything this thing has to offer the first time around!
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It surprises me...

Dan'o 272 November 22, 2020 06:02PM

That Minelab Language

UtahRich 196 November 22, 2020 08:23PM

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