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And then there were those ... the X-Terra models.

November 29, 2020 09:19PM avatar
Since I am now officially one of those-----> a Minelab person, I was looking over Minelabs site and came across the X-Terra machines.

First, let's give a 'Minelab Howdy' to OregonGregg. It was good to hear you are getting a Vanquish 440.

I can't ever think about reading a post on AHRPS about them. Quite honestly I don't think I have ever seen one in the wild. Were they just not a popular machine or did I miss something..........anyhow just curious. Has anyone on here used one. I think Monte give them a whirl once, but I don't see any in his arsenal.

And it was even better to NOT hear you were getting any of the X-Terra series.

No, you seldom see them or hear about them. They kind of had a spotty acceptance in that some folks liked them over there and some over that-a-way, but universally their popularity waned. Yes, I had them.

When they were first to come out I was taken by surprise when contacted my a Minelab Rep and told they were sending me a couple of new detectors, the X-Terra 30 and X-Terra 50. I lived in the greater Portland Oregon metro area and it is rather high mineralization is most of western Oregon. I took it to work the ski slope at Mt. Hood, and also had it on a ghost town journey to some places in Utah. At all of them, the X-Terra 30 didn't work. It had a default, preset GB that I couldn't adjust and it was too negative for the higher mineralized areas and it falsed a lot. The X-T 30 had a red rod system, if I remember, that looked good, but I sent it of to PA where they have milder dirt. It worked there for Dan.

The X-T 50 had a few more adjustment features and one was Ground Balance. That was a good thing, but it was also a bad thing. You might have liked the X-T 50 because that rod set was blue, again if I remember. The rod system was a little lengthy and some people had a tough time trying to get them to a proper shorter length. They worked, as long as you learned the best sweep speed because if a bit too fast or too slow they didn't work as well. I didn't care for the concept of buying a different frequency coil as they were expensive and if you wanted to change frequencies, it meant a hike back to the vehicle to grab a different one, if you remembered to bring it.

There were to main problems other than the rod length and being attentive to the sweep speed. One was the Ground Balance because they designee it 'backwards' and that made it frustrating when I was contacted by people who bought the newest-latest-greatest detector on the market. 'Normal' long-term thinking had us Increasing the GB control when we move from modest minimization into higher-generalization. That meant a control knob would be rotated clock-wise and, if the detector showed a numeric read-out for the Ground Phase / Ground Balance setting, the more mineralized environment called for a higher or greater or larger numeric reading. ---- Not so with the X-Terra line.

I located myself in a moderately mineralized yard and the Ground Balance setting was close to '18', but when I relocated over the very mineralized ground at a park, where I knew it required a higher or increased GB setting, I learned that the X-Terra 50 needed a numeric reduction in order to cancel the bad ground had to Increase the GB in order to cancel the negative response. At three places with exposed rocky conditions at that park the GB required a setting of '4' or '5' or '7' to properly balance or ignore the ground. Backwards thinking in that design and I had a lot of e-mails and phone calls, mainly calls, asking how to GB. People were increasing the number, normal thinking, and that resulted in a more negative GB, thus more or worse falsing.

Anyway, the X-T 50 was okay, but they later supplied me with an X-T 70 which I liked a little better. You could fine-tune it batter, but they still had one remaining problem. NO SMALLER COIL! I hunt dense trash and I need a smaller coil. I work in a lot of iron debris and I needed a smaller coil. I toted the X-Terra models around with several other favorite detectors at the time, and while I hunted with them, it was brief durations. They were just a bit peculiar in their behavior for me and where I hunted, and they didn't have the smaller coil I needed. I'd go swap for something that felt better, worked better, and had a coil I preferred. Finally they came out with a smaller 6" coil, but at that time I was finished with them and let them go.

Later I worked with the replacement or revised version, the X-Terra 705, and it was not too much different, and wasn't an improvement , for me, so I never owned another They were / are 'different' and I know a few people have them and use them from time-to-time, but most I know leave them in the closet nowadays, if they still have them, because they moved on to something newer and better.

Just my observations.


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So whats up with the X-Terras

OregonGregg 502 November 28, 2020 03:55PM

And then there were those ... the X-Terra models.

Monte 367 November 29, 2020 09:19PM

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