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My thoughts on the 440 vs 540 and their search coils.

December 01, 2020 11:31AM avatar
Well, the 340,440 and 540 offer the same performance, with the 540 offerings the most bells and whistles, it actually offers the wrong bells & whistles. I decided on the 440 over the 540 because the 440 offered 3 tones. smiling smiley

The 540, alone, only has these differences from the 440, other than standard coils:

• Low Iron Bias option.
• Wireless Minelab headphones.
• 5 Tone vs 3-Tone audio.
• More Disc. segments (aka notches or pixels) for improved 'fine-tuning' Discrimination if desired.
• Iron Audio Volume control.
• Red Display Back-Light.

The 540 Pro Pack includes the Minelab ML-80 wireless headphones as well as the extra 5X8 DD coil. For many, the 3-Tone audio of the 440 is sufficient to serve their needs.

I don't need or like a bunch of multi tones so that was a deal-breaker ...

Personally, I don't think 5-Tones, if they are well defined and assigned to the Disc. range, would be considered "Multi-Tones" like a lot of them that might offer 7, or 8. or 20, or 50 or more. That's when things get too busy, at least for me. The ONLY detector I have ever enjoyed that uses a broad range of tones is the XLT.

... and the 440 also came standard with the V10 coil. The V12 coil on 540 starts to put the machine into the nose-heavy category.

The 'V10' coil, to me, is sort of a 'Viper' type coil. It's probably a very good coil for general-purpose, day-to-day hunting if it isn't too brushy or to trashy. When I watched to intro video of the new Garrett Apex and they showed how they made the 6X11 'Viper' coil by sort of combining the 5X8 and the 8½X11, it looked like it might b an 'OK' coil, but I liked the idea of the 5X8 better. I bought an Apex and used it with the only coil available at the time, the standard 6X11 'Viper' DD, and found that while I preferred something different, it actually works well and could make a good general-purpose coil for a lot of people for many applications. However, I already had my V-540 Pro Pack.

Because I did, I felt I liked the 5X8 and 9X12 DD's over the mid-size coil that comes with a 340 or 440. I like the 'Viper' coil of my Apex, but the brand new coil stays in the box my 2nd Apex came in, and my original Apex 'Viper' coil is in my Accessory Coil Tote. If I get a decent working 5" DD for an Apex it will stay mounted, but for now, I prefer my main-use Apex with the 5X8 DD 'Ripper' mounted, just as my main-use V-540 keeps its 5X8 DD mounted. My 2nd Apex I like the 'Raider' coil, and my 2nd V-540 will keep the 9X12 DD mounted. I feel in both cases, with the Apex and V-540 models, those coils complement each other very well and that way I'll have a larger-size coil mounted and ready-to-grab for open area searches. Freshwater beach, grassy park, plowed field, other open and sparse-target areas. And the better, smaller-size 5X8 coil for general-purpose use.

I have to be cautious on what detectors I use and which search coils I mount to them in order to best deal with my bad back, neck, shoulder and elbow/wrist issues. I have hunted with the V-540 and 9X12 DD and didn't find it to be "nose heavy." The Vanquish series has a nice physical packaging design that is comfortable, and the versatile rod system lets me 'lock' the rod length at the best position to have a proper length to work well and without fatigue..

Yes, the 440 lacks a few things such as the wireless headphones and the update from Minelab. But overall, the 440 looked like the best deal for me.

I kind of agree, the 440 ought to be OK for you because you have learned over the past 5½ years to be very comfortable with the 3-Tone audio of the CoRe, Racer, Relic and Racer 2 devices.

The Detech 7" coil on the M6 is fine and will outperform the vanquish coils in trashier areas and also isn't afraid to try and tackle some iron smiling smiley

Who cares? The initial idea was to find a detector and coil to let you work the 'fringe' areas of trashier sites or to do some 'scouting'. Something with a larger coil than the 'OOR' or 5" DD coils you use in the trashiest areas. The Vanquish detectors and coils will serve those needs just fine, and probably better than an M6 w/7" Detech coil. If you are going to get into dense debris and rusty tin, the Relic or CoRe with their smaller coils will out-perform the M6 w/7" DD and you already have them No need for an M6 w/7" DD. Just rely on the Relic and CoRe for ugly iron contaminated sites, and use the 440 w/5X8 or standard coil for the outer areas with less junk targets to deal with.

But I look forward to giving the Vanquish w/5x8 coil some time out in the more open fringe areas of the ghost towns we hunt.

I am sure that once you get used to it and what it can do for you in some applications, you'll enjoy having it along with your trusted CoRe and Relic when you take on some of the very challenging ghost towns we enjoy hunting.


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The Vanquish will be 'different' ... and that can be a good thing.

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My thoughts on the 440 vs 540 and their search coils.

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Re: My thoughts on the 440 vs 540 and their search coils.

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