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End of November hunts with EQ800 & the worm

December 03, 2020 03:28PM
After no silver in October, I was not expecting much, but just out to enjoy hunting and appreciate the outdoors. The week before, in this same area I dug a 1926 "wheatie", so I was concentrating on more of those and possibly an Indian. I dug a lot of copper cents and more zincs than I wanted to, but no more wheaties and no Indians. Towards the end of the afternoon, with the sun low I got a "possible silver" tone, and id and not being able to locate the target with my pinpointer, got out the hori hori and cut a horseshoe. I flipped it back an found the first of the silver rings of the weekend. The strange/unusual feature of this ring was the worm "trying it on" as I dug the plug. Photo shows,(but not well), the worm in it's attempt to crawl through. I found a stick and pushed the soil out to release him from the ring. I took the ring from the worm..... grinning smiley

On Sunday I went back for a couple hours still hunting for old wheaties and whatever else I could find. Hunting this field got me a second silver ring, smaller than the first, but of the same style. Only clad and lots of aluminum, crown caps and screw caps,but with a Kennedy half. Just a clad half, but the tone always gives me the anticipation of possible big silver.

Maybe the last hunts of the year. I hope to get a couple of chances in December, but only out a few short hunts in November so the opportunities are sparse
open | download - silver ring with worm in band_-01.1500.jpg (312.4 KB)
open | download - ring- (158.1 KB)
open | download - ring -11.29.20-_3391-b.1200.jpg (183.7 KB)
open | download - Finds Sun 11.29.20-01.1500.jpg (555.2 KB)
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End of November hunts with EQ800 & the worm Attachments

Sodbuster 509 December 03, 2020 03:28PM

the EQ800

UtahRich 297 December 04, 2020 04:27AM

Nice going Sodbustersmileys with diet Dr. Pepper float N/T

Timbertodd 268 December 03, 2020 09:53PM

A couple of good outings. Crossing fingers for December for you. N/T

Monte 282 December 03, 2020 08:31PM

Re: End of November hunts with EQ800 & the worm

OregonGregg 289 December 03, 2020 04:34PM

Re: End of November hunts with EQ800 & the worm

Remfire 293 December 03, 2020 08:41PM

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