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Looking for some Motivation?

September 03, 2021 07:31PM avatar
Gregg-------Rich had a bad hair day & sold that beautiful Etrac to me.-----Of which I (a little later) had a complete (but temporary) loss if sanity (those things happens to seniors) & traded it in for "something else"?-----I later regained (most) of my senses & located & purchased another cream puff Etrac.----But that was after repeatedly kicking myself in the butt till my nose bled (for ever getting rid of Richs Etrac in the first place!!! grinning smiley-----I sure hope Rich don't have to take the same painful path I took!!winking smiley

Hey Gregg -

The Etrac I sold that came and went thru Del's hands was a gem. However - having gone thru shoulder surgery the weight became the deciding factor, not the performance. I sold off my SunRay X-1 pinpointer to remove some weight. It helped, but wasn't enough. I bought the RNB battery which is a few ounces lighter than AA's or the factory rechargeable, and it helped, but again, it wasn't enough. I could use the Etrac for short periods, but longer periods were just too much. My shoulder would ache.

The Etracs are Great detectors that turned up a lot of good stuff for me over the years. There are things I really miss about the Etrac. But having used the Equinox 800, there are attributes I really like about it more so than just being lighter in hand.

I do have moments I'd like to grab an Etrac and head out to the park for some deep coin hunting. It's a lot of fun. But being much further away from these parks than I used to be, I find that the Equinox pretty much fills the bill for my all around hunter. .

Kinda like your CoRe has found itself in your favorite all-rounder category for the places you hunt most frequently and the others only make appearances in unusual circumstances.



'Tis the Season for Silver and Gold
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Looking for some Motivation?

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Looking for some Motivation?

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