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'Simple' is good but I have used 'top-end' models.

December 02, 2021 02:04PM avatar
By "top-end" I am referring to the excellent White's XLT. I got mine in June of '94 and for the bulk of my urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting, other than To-Lots, it was my primary-use detector. Was still a popular-use unit in my outfit until this past year.

But I have use so many makes and models, enjoying a lot of them more than others, until I settled on a team of detectors to handle my wants and needs. Today I have my 'specialty' units for get-serious Relic Hunting in dense ferrous debris with the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic. And I have a trio of Garrett Apex units, with different coils each, that make up my main-use detector for just about anything. Coin & Jewelry searches or some Relic Hunting tasks, and just a good general-purpose detector.

But going from 'complex' or 'modern' to good old fashioned 'Simple', I have my two loyal Tesoro models, the Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX, each outfitted with a 6" Concentric coil. While I have used many detectors, since July of '83 I have spent 85% of my time hunting ghost towns, homesteads, pioneer and military encampments, railroad depot sites and other remote, and typically iron cluttered, sites. One key reason is because that July of '83 Tesoro brought out the Inca which was our first slow-motion / quick-response detector that handles iron, such as nails, quite well.

I got my Inca, swapped a 7" Concentric coil from my Mayan, and went to work hunting the old locations .... and the pickin's were great!. My all-time favorite site to hunt, which I named Twin Flats, produced hundreds of coins to fill four binders of 2X2 carded coins, and I still had some left to clean. Other detectors I used there, but many didn't do well. However, of all those finds from my favorite townsite, 95% came my way with a favorite Tesoro model in-hand.

Yes, 'Simple' is good, especially when it works so well.


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Monte 1083 November 23, 2021 11:45PM

Re: EQ-800 Default performance and price???

Sodbuster 486 June 16, 2022 08:15PM

Re: EQ-800 Default performance and price???

Kickindirt 500 November 28, 2021 01:25PM

Re: EQ-800 Default performance and price???

jmaryt 484 November 28, 2021 05:55PM

Picking the Right Detector

UtahRich 636 November 24, 2021 11:55PM

Rich, some comments on why I made this post.

Monte 550 December 02, 2021 05:39PM

Re: Picking the Right Detector

jmaryt 774 November 30, 2021 08:59PM

'Simple' is good but I have used 'top-end' models.

Monte 454 December 02, 2021 02:04PM

Rich your response was better than you may have imagined.

Monte 682 November 25, 2021 05:44PM

All's quiet on the Western Front.

UtahRich 486 November 26, 2021 08:17PM

Re: All's quiet on the Western Front.

D&P-OR 463 November 28, 2021 02:17AM

Re: All's quiet on the Western Front.

jmaryt 474 November 28, 2021 05:58PM

the 540

UtahRich 399 July 21, 2022 05:16PM

The good thing about the Vanquish 540.

Monte 246 October 03, 2022 10:52AM

Re: The good thing about the Vanquish 540.

jmaryt 217 October 03, 2022 06:54PM

Re: the 540

jmaryt 291 July 23, 2022 12:11PM

Setting up the 540 for burnt old parks

UtahRich 224 October 03, 2022 08:58AM

Re: Setting up the 540 for burnt old parks

jmaryt 230 October 03, 2022 07:03PM

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