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Re: Trashy ghost town area settings for Minelab 800

December 01, 2022 10:39AM
Others will hopefully chime in. Here is what I landed on by the end of June 2022 WTHO: (Note: these are for the Equinox 800 model; 600 will be different because of fewer adjustment options and the ridiculous change in scale for some settings choices)

6" coil; headphones;
Park 1 or Field 1 (pretty sure only difference between these two is stock settings); (Park 2 and Field 2 probably as good. I don't think the choice among these is critical. Even Beach 1 is probably OK.)
2 tones with no notching/blocking discrimination and tone threshold volume at zero (silent);
Tone break at 5, so VDI 5 and below (all the way down to and including the minimum of -9) are low tone and 6 and above are high tone. (Nickel 3 cent piece hits 7-8, thus my cutoff);
Recovery speed = 4. You can go higher here but I try hard not to swing the coil fast in thick trash so 4 worked fine.
For Iron Bias I tried F2 values of {0,4,6}. I rejected 0 even though that's my goto setting in regular sites. Didn't notice much difference between the other two.
Gain setting varied between 15 and 17. Again, in less trashy grassy sites I run in the 20's (as high as 24) but ghost town targets tend to be shallow in my limited experience and higher settings also amplify the iron (& its alloys) trash which seems to be everywhere.

None of this is locked in stone and I hope others here will give you their preferences. Coil control is really important. Oregon Gregg constantly reminds me: "very slow and short sweeps."
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Trashy ghost town area settings for Minelab 800

DeadRingerMatt 140 November 30, 2022 01:04PM

Re: Trashy ghost town area settings for Minelab 800

Utmike 47 December 01, 2022 11:42PM

Re: Trashy ghost town area settings for Minelab 800

GB_Amateur 88 December 01, 2022 10:39AM

Nope, not really except for this.

Monte 75 November 30, 2022 03:28PM

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