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Thoughts and questions..

December 02, 2022 10:39AM avatar

I like the telescoping rod, red back light, and claims about "waterproof(er?)".

My main area of curiosity is with the increased notch segments and enhanced audio, how much more information will this give me on junk like bottlecaps and multiple items under the coil?

I've never paid too much attention to target id's in the iron range, concentrating more on "iron present or not". I do know that certain conditions can cause a desirable target to ring up in the iron range, at least initially. Makes me wonder if the bent rusty nails will stay iron with 19 minus segments or is the door open for more falsing?

I want my detector to be tough enough for a little bouncing around in the truck on those ghost town dirt roads so, the hardening of the shaft and coil ears is appealing.

All of that being said, my 800 has been hands down the most enjoyable machine I've owned and I'm in no hurry to walk away from it. If the 900 proves itself to be next level in actual performance over and above the 800, I'm a likely buyer.

Rich, I'm equally curious what does/doesn't jump out at you? I sort of see a repeat of the Etrac vs. 3030 happening here with the new Nox's and Manticore hitting the showroom at the same time. ML is gonna win big time in sales, hopefully we will too in quality.
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Manticore, Equinox 900 and 700. Merry Christmas.

UtahRich 186 December 01, 2022 05:29PM

Things are looking good for Minelab.

Monte 84 December 07, 2022 06:37PM

Re: Things are looking good for Minelab.

nwdetectorist 63 December 26, 2022 10:51PM

Gregg looking for a new detector? Ya, right N/T

UtahRich 56 December 13, 2022 09:37PM

Like I said, I doubt that OregonGregg ...

Monte 54 December 14, 2022 05:10AM

Re: Things are looking good for Minelab.

jmaryt 66 December 13, 2022 07:52PM


Utmike 123 December 01, 2022 11:12PM

Changes - 700/900

UtahRich 125 December 01, 2022 11:50PM

Thoughts and questions..

Utmike 99 December 02, 2022 10:39AM

My thoughts on 900's / 700's and Manticores

UtahRich 122 December 02, 2022 01:05PM

Re: My thoughts on 900's / 700's and Manticores

GB_Amateur 75 December 04, 2022 10:20AM

Back at ya Rich

Utmike 101 December 03, 2022 01:17AM

Side note: Etrac thoughts

UtahRich 61 December 13, 2022 02:35AM

Tennis it is . . . .

UtahRich 127 December 03, 2022 02:01AM

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