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Re: Looks like you are outfitted for 2023. Have a question for you.

January 11, 2023 11:39AM avatar
You parted with your 'back-up' EQ-800 so I presume you have your main-use EQ-800 for use in water or as a current back-up?

You are keeping the EQ-900 and will soon have a Manticore to learn and compare, so those two ought you keep you going. I will be following your posts and others to read how the new Equinox 900 and Manticore are both doing. I do not need another detector, and actually I'm having troubles regaining health to use what I have, but if I were to acquire one new unit, it would be the EQ-900 or the Nokta Legend and a couple of extra coils.

Pleased to hear you are enjoying the new Equinox so far, and hope you have some better hunting weather in the next couple of weeks.


I had 2 800's, one with a DetectEd carbon fiber system and another with the Telenox Tony carbon fiber upgrade. I sold the DetectEd one a few months back and after a few days with the 900 the Telenox system got sold to another buyer eager to get his hands on it. Both machines had paid for themselves, the Telenox one many times over.cool smiley I also parted with my Fisher Gold Bug2. The first sale paid for 1/2 of my Manticore and the sale of the other 2 paid for my 900 with a good chunk of change towards the 5x8 and 12x15 Manitcore accessory coils whenever they get on the market. I kept my coiltek 5x10, stock 11 and 12x15 coils, they will work with the 900. Since I mostly search large areas, I immediately put the 12x15 on the 900 and carry the 5x10 for backup in case I get into a trashy area. The 900 came with a 6" coil which is quite a bonus, so I let my other one go with the Telenox. The 900 is now fully equipped with all the coils and will be my "backup" for the Manticore. That is If I can keep my hands off it. I REALLY like the 900. I have had it out 4 times in the past week and it is like a favorite old car with a new engine and a powerful upgraded transmission. I am using the AT audio and will try to learn the DP tone setting over the next few months. The air tests in the DP audio mode are very interesting and once mastered will probably be the go-to setting. Many thanks to Kickndirt for getting me the 900 fast and for a great price. 2023 is going to be an exciting year!

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Manticore Equinox 700-900

xpmoguy 91 January 10, 2023 11:53AM

Looks like you are outfitted for 2023. Have a question for you.

Monte 52 January 10, 2023 03:22PM

Re: Looks like you are outfitted for 2023. Have a question for you.

xpmoguy 48 January 11, 2023 11:39AM

'Thank You' for the reply. Also good news about coils.

Monte 39 January 12, 2023 06:55AM

Manticore thumbs up

UtahRich 54 January 10, 2023 03:04PM

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