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Manticore - The Force is strong with this one -

January 16, 2023 09:39PM avatar
A short field report on my initial thoughts;

I Made a couple trips out with the Manticore and I'm off to a good start. A week ago, Andrew and I had done a little testing with our PI machines at one of Andrews long time spots (video is on his YouTube channel for anyone wanting to see his new Equinox 900 in action. Banner day, it is worth watching).

Last Thursday we both ended up with Manticore's on our porch, so a repeat visit back to Andrews' spot was necessary. Andrew was able to get out Friday for a brief period and do some preliminary testing and the darnest thing happened - first target dug was a gold ring. thumbs up. That's a good sign, right?

Well, I'll let him tell his story, likely to be on his YouTube channel at some point soon.

As for me, I started with Andrews initial settings of Beach Deep, 11" stock coil, sensitivity 22-23. Stock discrimination program - but - was listening to iron audio (horseshoe activated) to give me a better idea of what's under my coil. Ground balance frequently as conditions were changing.

Between Saturday and Today I managed a 1918-D Merc, 1937-S Buff, 1958-? Wheatie, 1926-? Standing Liberty Quarter, Utah Sales Tax Toxen, a dateless Buffalo nickel, a 1935-S Peace Dollar, a Sterling silver ring, a brass ring, 4 old keys, and a bunch of lead bullets to be repurposed into dive weights.

Older targets in this place typically start at 10-12" deep and go down from there. Manticore handled the deep stuff with sensitivity ONLY on 22-23. (35 max)

Andrew GoPro'd the silver dollar dig - as well as his own finds. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel if that is interesting to you.

My thoughts - Comfortable and light to swing. Natural in hand. Goes deep. Improved menu. Easy to use. Has a very nice feel to it. And it finds stuff for me. That's a really good combination. I have yet to take it to the old parks, old houses and such where I will be better suited to get a feel for capabilities compared to my 800. And the ghost towns are still some weeks away. But, so far, so good. Ok - so far, so great. It's been a few years since I turned up my last silver dollar. winking smiley

Rich -
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Manticore - The Force is strong with this one -

UtahRich 130 January 16, 2023 09:39PM

The Force is strong with this one - Attachments

UtahRich 79 January 18, 2023 02:15AM

Re: The Force is strong with this one -

Harold,ILL. 34 January 26, 2023 08:31AM

The photos show you got the year off to a good start!

Monte 97 January 18, 2023 08:16AM

a good start!

UtahRich 70 January 18, 2023 10:52AM

Frozen ground does = research time.

Monte 52 January 18, 2023 12:56PM

I might need help

OregonGregg 71 January 18, 2023 11:19AM

Re: Gregg help is here!!

Kickindirt 59 January 18, 2023 11:28PM

Yes, Gregg does love the FOR CoRe, but he also likes the ...

Monte 74 January 19, 2023 12:37PM

Gregg help is here!! <---- bout time.........

OregonGregg 52 January 19, 2023 09:12AM

smiling bouncing smiley Gregg's Silver Alert (amber alert for us older folks) Cancelled

UtahRich 50 January 18, 2023 11:22PM

Re: Manticore - The Force is strong with this one -

diggindeep 95 January 17, 2023 11:47AM

Andrew, Thanks for the story and video.

Monte 221 January 17, 2023 03:14PM

Nice report, Rich, and glad you got out.

Monte 65 January 17, 2023 03:27AM

Manticore - The Force

OregonGregg 67 January 16, 2023 09:59PM

Re: Manticore - The Force

UtahRich 59 January 17, 2023 04:08AM

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