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Re: - Wait and See Camp

February 19, 2023 11:40AM
Thanks for the reply. This past week I have been playing around with general terrain low conductor settings. I'm running 4-6 on the reactivity but leaning towards the higher end. I have based this setting on being able to run my sensitivity in the 25-29 range. I have found it very important when starting up to run the noise cancel for at least 15-20 seconds. While it is doing its thing, I closely watch the numbers. If the numbers are not settling, I let it go through a couple of cycles and stop at the numbers that repeat most. Then manual GB till I get a stable tone. Then depending on the area, I run horseshoe off. I need to play more with the tone settings and try to get the iron grunt into a pitch that I can more easily discern the nuances. I do mostly relic hunting with the occasional coin or other non-ferrous signal.
Another big thing I am working on is what the screen is trying to tell me especially with multiple targets. While it is all very cool and fun to run the 2d screen will take much longer to use and figure out what it is actually telling me on the multiple targets. I really want to get the 12x15 and 5x8.5 coils on the machine. I often search LARGE areas. If they continue to not to make these coils available, I'll be going back to my 900 with the 12X15 when I get back into the wide-open spaces after spring thaw.
I took the 900 into the test garden the other day. I only had it out a few times in limited sites due to winter conditions. I must say it is a very capable machine and if you have time on an 800 its going to totally impress with its upgrades. The upgraded arm cup, carbon fiber rods and better coil attachment system are great, but the real gem is the faster processor. It is much faster and more stable at higher sensitivity that my 800 was. They also on the Manti and 700,900 slightly altered the angle of the handle grip making them far more user friendly. The only gripe I have is the rods are not ridged so they spin when adjusting the length. I find myself setting up the length on a flat surface, so it does not spin around. That's it for now... time to get back to it.
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The UtahRich Adoption Service.

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- Wait and See Camp

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Re: - Wait and See Camp

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Too bad they didn't use the ...

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