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Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

February 12, 2023 04:07PM avatar
Naturally, you only get good answers based on the questions asked, and I have had a lot of questions and made some suggestions the past couple of years, and now I am seeing some very good answers to things I have wanted or would like to have seen. So, what kinds of 'Questions' and comments have I had?

Well, pretty simple, really, because I like things to be simpler and less confusing in the adjustment department. Also, while I have owned a SMF detector from the BBS, FBS, Multi-IQ, CZ, DFX, V3i and Apex releases, I am, and have always been, a SF detector fan. The right pick can generally work quite well for a number of applications, and many times out-perform a unit in the SMF mode. There isn't a 'perfect' detector so I like to use what works and that I enjoy.

As I touched on briefly in another post, I have been thinking about getting back into detector dealing, or helping with that, and mentioned a couple of brands I have considered ... but didn't mention a make or model.

Well, some of my wishes are now confirmed by Minelab that they have announced a new model I have been hoping for. One that is a well-improved version of their X-Terra name, that is NOT an SMF detector, but a Selectable Single-Frequency but doesn't require search coil changes to make an Operating Frequency change like the X-Terra 70 or 705.

It is also interesting that Minelab, the Australian company, started producing detectors (Assembled) in Malaysia back in 2012 instead of in Ireland and Australia. now the latest reports hint that their new model, the X-Terra Pro, was made up in China and it is available through several Minelab dealers in China, and due for release here and elsewhere in March.

Now, let me say that for a lot of my applications the Vanquish 540 Pro Pack can satisfy a lot of my search needs, but it is an SMF ONLY detector using Multi-IQ. It doesn't provide SF operation, nor dos it offer Ground Balance. And it does offer a couple of things I really like over the Equinox series. I'll get to that in a moment.

So, briefly, because there isn't much out about the X-Terra Pro yet, especially no Owner Manual for me to verify a few things, but here is what the XT Pro does offer:

• All of the few photos show it in a 'different' color scheme and not blah black. I like it.

• The renewed the life-blood of the X-Terra 'series' name, and I have liked th X-Terra name ever since Minelab sent me their first three X-Terra models, the 30, 50 and 70. X-Terra just had a unique sound to it that, personally, I like more than Manticore and a few others used by competitors.

• The X-Terra Pro offers some Selectable Frequencies of 5 kHz, 10 kHz and 15 kHz which, to me, make an ideal selection without getting too caught up is some wide-ranging choices, and they are all in the VLF range. The one exception is 8 kHz is the Frequency option in the Beach mode. That is interesting because for a company that has proclaimed their ability to select primacy Frequencies for different applications, they picked 8 kHz as a very good all-purpose Frequency for Beach Hunting and you think they ought to know what works.

• The X-Terra Pro has three search modes to choose from, Park, Field and Beach. No 'Gold' mode and no 'Deep' or 'Cache' mode.

• Physical Housing and Adjustment design: It is similar to the Equinox type housing, and the X-Terra Pro is also waterproof! Buttons and adjustments are similar to an Equinox, but simple.

• One of my favorite decisions is the search coils, and I sure hope they did this right. I had an Equinox 800, two actually, but one had the broken 11" coil/rod 'ear'. The repaired coil, and the direction they went with the 'new' Equinox 700 & 900 and Manticore is what I consider to be 'ugly'. It's bulky and just doesn't have a nice look to it.

• One coil design I really liked was when I opened my first Vanquish 540 Pro Pack and went to mount the search coil. There is a coil-mount Bolt and 2 washers for the rod, but there is no coil-mount Nut. Instead, the left side 'ear' of the coil is thicker and threaded. You simply insert the Bolt from the right side and is screws right into the left rod-mount 'ear'. It is very sturdy, secure, attractive, and also eliminates any risk of loosing a Nut if changing coils when afield.

• Another positive comment about the search coils for the X-Terra Pro. They offer it with the same three sizes available for the Vanquish, the excellent 5X8 DD, 7X10 DD, and 9X12 DD. When I got my first V-540 I really liked the 9X1 size for wide-open parks or fields, and I found it interesting that of the two new coils Nokta is offering for their Legend, that comes with a round 11", is a new 9X12. Copy cats!

• My current unknown but I hope for a good answer, of the Coil Compatibility between the Multi-IQ V-540 and the SF X-Terra Pro. They use the same size coils, an both use the nice threaded left-side 'ear' to screw the mounting bolt into. But without an Owners Manual yet, I do not know if my Vanquish 540 Pro Pack and an X-Terra Pro will share the very same search coil. If they managed to address that, it would be a really nice thing for Minelab. All Vanquish owners who ONLY have Multi-IQ could complement their Vanquish by adding an X-Terra Pro and have a waterproof, submersible, selectable SF detector! It would also mean I wouldn't need to buy extra coils for an X-Terra Pro as I have some on-hand.

• Regardless of what some manufacturers have printed on a box or detector label, they are NOT Made-in-the-USA, Made-in-Turkey, Made-in-Mexico, etc., etc. They are ALL Assembled in some location, but using homeland and outsourced parts. I found it interesting there is such a close tie from what has been announced about Minelab's X-Terra Pro and it being introduced, and possibly even assembled, in China rather than Malaysia.

• And that brings me to Quest detectors for a moment. The current Quest line offers some very affordable detectors that are very competitive in the market, especially in foreign countries, but that popularity could grow here in the USA. Matter-of-fact, the Quest line is one we have been discussing as a brand we would consider dealing in. not only are they popular elsewhere, but they are for two very good reasons. They are affordable, and they work very well.

They come with competitive search coils, and do have a smaller-size coil available from NEL. The lower-cost X5 and X10 offer A lot for the price, and the X10 Pro is a submersible waterproof unit. They are SF detectors an competitive against the lower-priced competition from Nokta, the Simplex. Why, you can even step up to the Q30 and Q40 and they easily compete with the Simplex + or better from what I have heard from abroad.

And lets not think only the Nokta/Makro Impact, multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi are the only detectors out there that offer a selectable SF option w/o SMF. Now the Minelab X-Terra Pro does, and for several years so has the Quest Q60 or their Pro version. Maybe even offered before Nokta so I wonder if there was some copying going on of a China-made device? Have to wonder sometimes, and again, I have followed several foreign Quest users who also use and/or evaluate different brands and often the Quest devices are their choice.

So, that's about it on new new and happenings with Minelab. they seem to now offer me something that I am really interested in, especially if they share oils with my Vanquish 540 which means I would have a good complement with the V-540 and X-Terra Pro. Hoping to hear something soon and find out when the March release will be.

The number of detector manufacturers with a good assortment of new or relatively new detectors seems to be favoring Minelab with Quest a very close 2nd. Make you wonder which manufacturer(s) will be the next to close up shop?


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Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

Monte 313 February 12, 2023 04:07PM

Re: Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

glabelle 142 February 13, 2023 11:27PM

George, here are some specs that might be up-to-date.

Monte 140 February 14, 2023 11:32PM

Re: Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

D&P-OR 165 February 13, 2023 01:21PM

X-Terra . . . . . . . . . . . . . ???

UtahRich 200 February 13, 2023 01:19PM

Re: X-Terra . . . . . . . . . . . . . !!!

Utmike 223 February 14, 2023 02:32PM

X-Terra was a nice move from Minelab ... →except←.

Monte 157 February 14, 2023 05:35PM

Re: Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

Jamie 179 February 12, 2023 06:59PM

Back to you Jamie.

Monte 248 February 13, 2023 11:22AM

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