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Back to you Jamie.

February 13, 2023 11:22AM avatar
Great write-up as usual Monte!
I do not have much to comment on, but here are my very limited thoughts.
The Vanquish coils in my opinion are some of the very best I have used. The Vanquish machines were my first time experiencing SMF technology.

Thank you for your kind comment.

I completely agree. They selected three very functional sizes for the Vanquish coils, and I have found them a decent weight & balance, rugged, and I really like the 'built-in' threaded dog-ear.

I have been and continue to be impressed with them.
If the X-Terra Pro uses them on a new machine, I will be all in to try it out.

The Vanquish models are what they are, and at their price-point, they make a very good detector for several applications I have for them. There is no 'perfect' detector so my Vanquish 540 Pro Pack is a very good unit to have in my outfit. I have several other detectors I grab that I favor for other applications, but find the V-540's very useful.

I have two V-540 Pro Packs, keeping one at-the-ready as a loaner-unit for friends and family. Both keep th wonderful 5X8 DD mounted for most average use, but I do have the 7X10 coil, standard on the 340 and 440, mounted on lower rod for Beach Hunting the lakes and reservoirs, and the 9X12 at-the-ready for those who want o work a plowed field, pasture, or a wide-open older city park.

I plan to get an X-Terra Pro and am just hoping they share the same coils with the Vanquish series.

I would think this new machine will be a close competitor (or superior given the adjustable frequencies) to the Simplex+. I very much still enjoy using that machine with all 3 available coils.

That said, I really want to try out he X-terra pro in the future.

I parted with, but did enjoy, the Simplex + mainly with the 5x9½ DD. And I agree, I feel the new X-Terra Pro just might be the better detector of the two and will certainly make use of the SF choices.

I enjoy the Vanquish machines so much I just closed a deal on a used 440 with a new V8 coil. The price of a new coil alone is about 100$. The price I paid gives me the machine at around 70$. I look forward to having 2 V8 coils at my disposal, and having 3 Vanquish machines running at once.

I really like the 5X8 size and wish more manufacturers made a similar size. I have my two 5X8 coils and glad I have them. My V-540's are hanging here on my den wall with my other units with one exception. I have removed all of the AA & 9V batteries from the others, but both of my Vanquish units are using the excellent, long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium RNB batteries. The one main weakness of the Vanquish units is hey chomp through Alkaline of NiMH batteries in a hurry, but the RNB's really pay for their self in a short amount of time.

More info in the X-Terra Pro when I get some.


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Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

Monte 314 February 12, 2023 04:07PM

Re: Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

glabelle 143 February 13, 2023 11:27PM

George, here are some specs that might be up-to-date.

Monte 141 February 14, 2023 11:32PM

Re: Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

D&P-OR 165 February 13, 2023 01:21PM

X-Terra . . . . . . . . . . . . . ???

UtahRich 200 February 13, 2023 01:19PM

Re: X-Terra . . . . . . . . . . . . . !!!

Utmike 224 February 14, 2023 02:32PM

X-Terra was a nice move from Minelab ... →except←.

Monte 157 February 14, 2023 05:35PM

Re: Malaysia & China ... Minelab & Quest ... Some good new answers. thumbs up

Jamie 180 February 12, 2023 06:59PM

Back to you Jamie.

Monte 248 February 13, 2023 11:22AM

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