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March 04, 2023 11:53PM avatar
The great thing about metal detecting is you can show up to the party with any detector you like and have a go with it and decide for yourself if your equipment is making the cut or not. Each persons' results are their own.

Nearly 23 years ago I spoke with a fellow that was hunting the GSL all the time and we had a lengthy discussion about what was working for those being most successful at the GSL and what wasn't. Folks would show up with such and such a detector and have a go. Those that continued to show up and have success migrated to what worked best. Why, because that's what worked best. (pretty simple concept here) Some having less or no success decided against investing in a different setup than what they were using and left for other 'pastures'.

I find it interesting that 23 years later, the recipe for success there hasn't changed all that much. I have no intention whatsoever of attempting to convince or persuade any of you to use any detector other than the one(s) YOU want to use. You're in charge of your decisions. I'm in charge of mine. If you think you have a better mousetrap, well, hop off the couch and go prove it. If you're going to tell me my recipe is wrong, i'm going to consider your ideas/thoughts against those things that I have gained from my own experience and see how they stack up. If I think there's some validity that is worth considering, well, there I go.

I like to learn, i'm certainly not above getting schooled by other detectorists. I frequently pick up on ideas and learn by watching others that are both successful and unsuccessful and look at how they approach the same challenges i face.

If you want to hunt the GSL with an IDX Pro or other 'lower' frequency detector, by all means have a go. Want to try that new Minelab X-Terra Pro that has certain folks all abuzz when it comes out, buy it and have a go. The GSL is waiting for you to verify/prove your thoughts. So am I.

UtahRich -

Just one more good target before I go.
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The GSL can have challenging ground.

Monte 184 March 03, 2023 11:49PM

Re: The GSL can have challenging ground.

glabelle 94 March 04, 2023 10:53AM

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UtahRich 92 March 04, 2023 11:53PM

Re: thumbs up

glabelle 84 March 05, 2023 10:39AM

Choices -

UtahRich 86 March 05, 2023 04:20PM

Re: Choices -

glabelle 140 March 05, 2023 04:29PM

That day, that time things just worked.

Monte 99 March 05, 2023 04:51PM

George, I also wonder if they 'pushed other detectors.

Monte 82 March 05, 2023 10:58AM

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