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Nope, you're not a 'Hobbyist.'

August 07, 2018 11:28PM avatar
Rich (Utah)
I am digging more tabs than I used to, but I am not cleaning out tabs, just trying to greatly increase my odds of finding gold jewelry that falls in the aluminum range.
A Typical Hobbyist usually will make every effort to reject more junk and not clean out an area that has gold jewelry potential. You do, which scoots you into the Avid Detectorist category. thumbs up

Rich (Utah)
I think Monte would categorize me as a dabbling hobbyist and he would be right.
Again, not a Hobbyist, but a dabbler, perhaps. You dabble in such things as working your skills to better cover a site. To get comfortable with your approach to ask permission to hunt private yards. You dabble in being tidy with those well-observed searches so as to leave a site looking good and get a 'welcome back' on a future visit.

You have gone beyond hunting private yards and urban parks and schools and dabble about an assortment of other sites, such as Beach Hunting or getting out and Relic Hunting ghost towns and other potentially good older places.

Rich (Utah)
But I have a good time, try to learn my detector(s) well, pick good sites and every once in a while this blind squirrel finds a nut. Just enough success that I want to have another go.
Again, more than what is anticipated from a traditional Metal Detecting Hobbyist who quite often doesn't put in the time and effort to really learn and master their detectors, or fail to even read and understand the Owner Manual. I have learned from discussing this great sport with many, many people that a good number of 'Hobbyists' are not all that active and soon abandon this great sport because they are not having 'fun' and enjoying the hunt. Too many of them, thanks to product hype and their over-belief in Target ID being 100% accurate, lose interest.

Instead, you are attentive to how to make things happen and learn how to get the most out of your equipment while enjoying it as best you can. And to hang in there as long as you have also takes a good helping of patience, which in turn leads to mastering knowledge and detecting skill sets, which, once again, puts you in the Avid Detectorist category whether you like it or not.

Enjoy a Diet Dr. Pepper Float with me! .. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Fooled Again Attachments

Rich (Utah) 330 August 06, 2018 09:51AM

Re: Fooled Again

Sodbuster 117 September 02, 2018 07:25PM

Re: Fooled Again

D&P-OR 124 August 25, 2018 08:59PM

Fooled Again

Rich (Utah) 118 August 29, 2018 04:38PM

Re: Fooled Again

D&P-OR 133 August 29, 2018 06:43PM

Fooled Again -

Rich (Utah) 112 August 30, 2018 02:44PM

Re: Fooled Again

Kickindirt 165 August 09, 2018 05:54AM

Re: Fooled Again

Sodbuster 138 August 07, 2018 03:09PM

Re: Fooled Again

Rich (Utah) 137 August 07, 2018 07:23PM

Nope, you're not a 'Hobbyist.'

Monte 166 August 07, 2018 11:28PM

Re: Nope, you're not a 'Hobbyist.'

OregonGregg 160 August 08, 2018 04:16PM

Gregg, Can't Wait For You To See This !

Rich (Utah) 166 August 08, 2018 07:38PM

Re: Gregg, Can't Wait For You To See This !

OregonGregg 163 August 08, 2018 07:53PM

It might be a ring pull or perhaps . . . . .

Rich (Utah) 114 August 25, 2018 11:10AM

Detecting . . . .

Rich (Utah) 148 August 08, 2018 03:10PM

Re: Fooled Again

Remfire 128 August 06, 2018 07:59PM

Re: Fooled Again

NWCindy 167 August 06, 2018 02:52PM

Re: Fooled Again

zincoln 135 August 06, 2018 11:25AM

Another nice find ... Congrats! N/T

Monte 143 August 06, 2018 11:08AM

Re: Another nice find ... Congrats!

OregonGregg 159 August 06, 2018 07:48PM

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