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Rich (Utah), you pointed out some of my 'thoughts' that maybe I didn't convey.

August 29, 2018 10:40AM avatar
I responded to jmaryt's post on the Traditional Coin Hunting Forum, but I like the way you conveyed your thoughts on this topic in your reply. There are things to be read into some of them I like.

Rich (Utah)
Hey there jmaryt,

Good question.
Is the equinox up to tackling a burnt-out park or school? (all the easy stuff is gone)

Short Answer – In my opinion YES.
Rich points out here that 'Yes', he feels the Equinox can tackle a well-hunted park or school that has been thinned out, at least of coins, but there could remain a bigger percentage of trash that folks didn't remove because it didn't provide a visual and/or audible Target/Tone ID that inspired them to recover it.

Yet, the real unanswered question is, will only the Equinox tackle this challenge, or can other make and model detectors also accomplish that task?

Rich (Utah)
I have found the 800 to be very good at gleaning leftovers from hard hit parks in among conductive trash. I’ve been setting up my 800 in Park 1 for 5-tones and making a very narrow notch for nickels at 12-13. (see dirtfishing - [www.youtube.com] ) This gave me a place to start and then make my own adjustments to fit my personal preferences. Like stated in the video, I lower the tones and loudness of the foil and tabs ranges and have nickels and zinc and above at a higher tone and louder. If you’re familiar with the Fisher CZ-6 series, you get the idea of what I’m trying to accomplish; highlight coin signals, but let me know when I have foil and tab range targets under my coil. That way I can selectively dig targets I think might be a gold ring and better separate adjacent targets.

This method allows me to hunt and hear all of the signals of trash and treasure and not have a migraine headache from the noise after the first 30 minutes.
What I gleaned from this part is that the Equinox does provide some adjustment functions that can be helpful. Tone adjustments, found on some other makes and models; Discrimination notch segments that can be adjusted as desired; helpful tips from other users of that model; and he even compares some of the new Equinox detector abilities to an antiquated model that's about a quarter-century old and made by a competitive brand.

Rich (Utah)
My 800 does a nice job of finding ‘good stuff’ in conductive trash when set up this way. I have been finding LOTS of nickels. The 800 has a talent for nickels and lots of them have been left behind by high conductor cherry pickers, so there’s a double bonus.
Here I gathered that the Equinox 800 seems to do well on the lower-conductive US 5¢ coins that:

a.. might have been ignored by Hobbyists who have been selective of the higher-conductive coin range ... or ...

b.. might have been ignored or missed because Hobbyists were using a detector that was not as responsive to lower-conductive targets.

I know for certain there are, or have been, many makes and models that were less 'sensitive' to lower-conductive range targets such as the US 5¢ or so-called Nickel coins, as well as gold rings, gold pendants and thin gold chains. But I also know there have been, and are, many makes and models that ARE very good when it comes to hitting well on the lower-conductive range, so the Equinox doesn't really hold an edge in that regard.

Rich (Utah)
Am I finding targets that other detectors can’t? Hard to say, but right now I will say NO.
I will easily accept 'NO' as a good answer because I know full well that there is no such thing as a 'perfect' detector so all will have strengths and weaknesses, therefore many detectors will work 'as-well' as another, while some might not perform to the same level. Then, too, maybe there are other detectors that Do have an 'edge' over a new and well-hyped model.

Rich (Utah)
I have other very good detectors that are also excellent at unmasking targets and there are things I like about them as well. I will say that the 800 makes it very easy to set up and successfully sort through conductive trash in search of keepers; the target ID, though squished, is quite good at depth. And the 800 is waterproof and the rest of my detectors are NOT.
Rich clearly states the EQ-800 can be set up to successfully sort through and unmask keepers in a challenging environment, plus, for Rich, it provides him with a waterproof detector in his arsenal.

But as good as the new Equinox might be, I also noted, and fully agree with the fact, that he ... "has other very good detectors that are also excellent at unmasking targets and there are things he likes about them as well."

Rich (Utah)
Is the equinox a detector that you would like if you got one? No idea. Please don’t consider this as a recruiting effort on my part, just an opinion that you can consider with the rest you’ve gathered while out there looking.
And that's the answer I have for many people when they ask me about any make or model and how I think it might fit in for their wants and needs. I have no idea!

In my Regular-Use Detector Team I have several makes and models that I happen to admire and they all work very well for me for various applications. I like them, but I can't guarantee anyone else will like them as I do, and it is up to each and every individual to sort through the features and cost, and available accessories for different makes and models, and their affordable cost in order to know if the device might work for them or not.

For me .. the Equinox units just are not very appealing. They work, and might provide some interesting features, but I also know that what I have on-hand work and work very well for me, and I didn't/don't see any reason to change just because the EQ-600 and EQ-800 are available.

Rich (Utah)
Is the 800 my FAVORITE detector? NO. My favorite is still my Etrac.
Same Brand, but an older and time-proven Model for what Rich likes to do. If I were to add a Minelab back into my detector group, it would also be one of the FBS models. Most likely the Explorer II as I have owned 4 or more and they worked fine for me (except for the terrible weight and balance).

Rich (Utah)
Are there things that I don't like about the Equinox. Yes. It is very good, but not perfect. But that is another discussion best done over a steak dinner out in some tiny town in Nevada.
Yep, NOT PERFECT which means it, like other devices as I mentioned earlier, has some strong points and weak points and only we can determine if the good outweigh the bad for what we each happen to want, like or feel we need.


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Rich (Utah), you pointed out some of my 'thoughts' that maybe I didn't convey.

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