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Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

November 30, 2018 09:31AM avatar
We were discussing your Niece and acquiring a detector a few weeks ago. I don't recall if she ever settled on a detector?

I don't think she will be doing any relic hunting for some time unless she joins a club out there and finds a mentor.
I expect she will be coin shooting in parks and school grounds, and the many freshwater beaches.
I have a Teknetics Omega 8000 I acquired a couple of months ago, and I used to own and use the Omega 8K a lot for typical urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting and it served me well. There are only a few highly versatile, do-it-all models on the market today that are also excellent Relic Hunting devices in very dense iron contaminated sites. I have owned or used a lot of the newer Fisher & Teknetics models, such as the Omega, G2, Gold Bug Pro, F-19's, F-75's, T2's and Euro-Tek Pro (actually more than one or two of several of thee models) and not one of these models, with 5" DD, 7" Concentric, 8" Concentric, 5X10 DD or other coils were very impressive in really challenging dense ferrous debris sites.

For the Relic Hunting places I typically hunt that have an absolutely nasty iron challenge, none of the above can match the performance I can got out of either of my Tesoro's, or White's Classic ID, MX-5 or MX-7, or Makro Racer 2, or the Nokta-Makro Multi-Kruzer, FORS CoRe, FORS Relic of Anfibio Multi. Yes, folks can use them for Relic Hunting, and in some applications where the ferrous contamination isn't too dense they can do OK, they fall short min really terrible ferrous environments.

I have used the Omega 8000's I had, and the one I am currently using, and found good targets in several ghost towns or other old-use habitations or homesteads, around barns and out-buildings, using the best coil choice and settings combined with a slow and methodical sweep. But they are not my choice for really serious Relic Hunting chores where I go.

However, for common day-to-day Coin Hunting they work fine, and my favorite so far has been the Omega 8000. Next week i'll be checking out the Fisher F44 which I am guessing will work close to what the Omega 8K can do but have more adjustment features such as Iron Audio Volume and some audio Tone assignment.

I was looking at the Omega 8500 but as you point out it isn't getting a lot of love from those who have owned the 8000 in the past.
I've talked with one or two more who had it and parted with it, preferring the Omega 8000. I am currently working with a dealer friend who has two or three brand new, in-the-box, Omega 8000's still in his inventory and I'm checking to see what I can get them for.

I find it hard to shop for entry to mid-level detectors as I tend to gravitate to the higher end offerings.
Basically I am looking for an easy to figure out and operate detector that has decent performance and is light weight.
I also have had a bit of a struggle trying to shop in the lower to mid-priced range for the past decade or so, but it is more competitive today

For me and my use, I have a lot of dedicated general-purpose detectors but figured it might not be a bad idea to have a versatile Coin Hunting model for day-to-day hunts around town, and also as a 'loaner unit' for friends or family. That's what the Omega and F44 are mainly going to be for, although I'll use them as well.

I would like to get her into a Nok/Mak unit, but at her price point of around $500 I only see the Racer 2 as a potential candidate. Strange that what was a ground breaking detector only a couple of years ago is now being sold off at a considerably high rate and at a pretty low price point. Do you think a Racer 2 is too much detector for a total newbie?
The Nokta-Makro Racer 2 is just about unmatched, price-wise, in todays market for a serious, do-it-all detector. But yes, for some people it might be a little confusing. It depends on how old your niece is and just how into learning a detector she might be.

I know that in general you are not a Garrett man but what do you think of the Ace 400 as a starter machine for her?
No, I am not a Garrett Metal Detector fan today. I was a Garrett user and Dealer back in '77 to '81, but their current offerings fall short of the competition in places I hunt. And that goes for the newer 'entry-level' Ace series. I bought a new Ace 400 last year to do an evaluation on it but was left so unimpressed with the performance that I offered it to my club to do something with. I also have a White's Treasure Pro here in my den they gave me to evaluate.

It has a much better control housing and display pod and almost works better than the Ace 400. I prefer it to the Ace 400, but I wouldn't care to own either of them as a unit for me to use or as a loaner. They offer it with a coil that is too big, that is DD, and the unit has an annoying delayed response time. That's one reason why I bought a clean and decent used Omega 8000 as it is a much better performing model than either of the mentioned Garrett or White's devices.

Also, as I mentioned, I bought a used Fisher F44 and I'll be checking it out next Monday and Tuesday to evaluate it as a reasonable Coin Hunting device as well as a loaner-unit for friends and family. Just wondering if your niece found a detector and, if not, it wouldn't hurt to consider a clean used Omega 8000 or a new or used F44. Regardless of what she has or will acquire, just remind here that a slow and methodical sweep speed with ample overlapping is going to be a benefit to her. Don't let her get caught up in the brisker sweep speed.


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Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

Monte 502 November 30, 2018 09:31AM

Re: Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

Druid 272 December 02, 2018 02:44PM

Drew, my updated thoughts on the F44, as well as the Omega 8000 Vs F5.

Monte 333 December 04, 2018 08:30AM

Re: Drew, my updated thoughts on the F44, as well as the Omega 8000 Vs F5.

Druid 297 December 05, 2018 01:37PM

Drew, here are some additional thoughts about the F19.

Monte 327 December 05, 2018 11:12PM

Re: Drew, here are some additional thoughts about the F19.

Druid 293 December 06, 2018 03:17PM

Re: Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

NWCindy 292 December 02, 2018 06:04PM

Re: Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

Druid 275 December 02, 2018 08:14PM

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