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Thanks Monte,
I am guessing the F5 was "nothing extra" in the field.
The F5 was a mix of tactile switches and 4 knobs and the Omega 8000 also had tactile switches and 2 knobs. I didn't notice anything remarkable about the F5 I used compared with my Omega's, but did credit the F5 in one way over the Omega, but the Omega got two nods in its favor.

One plus for the F5 design was that the control housing was directly attached to the upper portion of the 'S' rod and that resulted in a more firm or steady attachment. By comparison, the Omega's control housing is not as durable since it is simply a short plastic rectangular piece that sticks in the top of the T2 type handle and is secured with only one screw. The control housing can have a bit of 'flex' if pressed on the outer edges on the control housing, but a more solid impact can bend it enough to snap it off at the mounting piece.

To the omega's credit, however, it does make use of the T2 hand-grip which is very comfortable. It is in a lighter weight and more comfortable configuration. And I also found it easier to operate without bumping into the knobs that were kind of too close to some tactile switches on the F5. I heard from some Relic Hunters who wear gloves and it wasn't always easy to access the Pinpoint touchpad without encountering the two knobs on either side.

F44 good value for the asking price with good performance.
I know my F44 certainly is a very good value for the asking price. A definite worthy addition to my personal arsenal for many applications ... plus it is quite comfortable.

Any additional thoughts on the F19 relic hunting model?
As I frequently mention in posts, when I evaluate any detector, it is to see how it might perform relative to what the manufacturer touts it to be good at. More importantly, I put all detectors through several side-by-side test scenarios to see how they will perform using samples of some of the in-the-field experiences I have encountered ... AND ... I work them side-by-side against models I already have in my personal Outfit to see how they compare. I check audio signal strength and clarity, audio Tones, visual TID / VDI read-outs for lock-on ability, and check the Discrimination with low settings to just barely accept Iron nails and also to just barely reject Iron Nails in settings to see how well they might unmask good targets in a challenging environment.

I also check models against others using comparable search coils, and take a look at what coils are offered by the manufacturer, and how well the detector & coil combinations balance. I bought two brand new F19 camo units when they came out to compare and see if they were consistent or if I noted weaknesses or mismatched calibrations in their production runs. I checked out another F19 again in early 2016 after the 19 kHz Nokta FORS Relic was in my hands, and then I made a detector trade for a new F19 earlier this year for further comparisons with other models as well as my Relic and the Nokta-Makro Anfibio 19 evaluation model I received.

Here are my thoughts from before, complemented by my thoughts today, and they are based on both side-by-side evaluations with other detectors using test scenarios as well as putting the F19 to work in a few challenging old sites:


Physical package is light weight and comfortable with a 5" DD or 7" Concentric, but nose-heavy with solid 5X10 DD.

Rigid mounting design of the control housing, and functionally snug rod-locks.

Improved depth-of-detection and modulated audio over the Fisher Gold Bug Pro & Teknetics G2.

Worked OK on most targets especially low to medium conductors.

Iron Audio Volume to control loudness of ferrous targets.

Not Too Impressive: (Note: I was mainly comparing it against my very proven 19 kHz Nokta FORS Relic.)

It only offers a 2-Tone VCO enhanced audio and no processed Multi-Tone mode.

You do not have a selection of modes to set-up and Save with varying settings.

Doesn't balance as well as the Relic with a mid-size coil.

Doesn't unmask nearly as well as the 19 kHz Relic with comparable coils.

Doesn't achieve the depth-of-detection as the Relic.

Doesn't handle my Nail Board Performance Test, or other iron test scenarios, as well as the Relic.

Not as clean or as responsive to all conductivity ranges as the Nokta Relic.

Doesn't have the added features / modes / functions like Beach mode or Deep mode.

I also compared them, since I used 19 kHz or 20 kHz models along with the F19, with samples for Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting and Gold Nugget Hunting. At no time has any F19 impressed me enough to want to keep one in my Detector Outfit. Also, since the F19 is only a 2-Tone Discriminate model I also compared it against my 13.9 kHz White's MX-7, 15 kHz Nokta CoRe and 7.8 kHz Teknetics Omega 8000 in their 2-Tone modes and, overall, all of them out-performed the F19.

Naturally, these are just my personal opinions of how a detector looked, felt and performed when I tried to determine how it worked, what I thought about it, and to see if it might be a desirable models to fit in my Outfit. For me, theF19 never did. For others, it might work for them just fine. We all get to pick-and-choose and, fortunately, there are plenty of worthy models out there to select from.


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Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

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Re: Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

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Drew, my updated thoughts on the F44, as well as the Omega 8000 Vs F5.

Monte 333 December 04, 2018 08:30AM

Re: Drew, my updated thoughts on the F44, as well as the Omega 8000 Vs F5.

Druid 297 December 05, 2018 01:37PM

Drew, here are some additional thoughts about the F19.

Monte 326 December 05, 2018 11:12PM

Re: Drew, here are some additional thoughts about the F19.

Druid 293 December 06, 2018 03:17PM

Re: Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

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Re: Druid, a tardy reply to your post below, and FTP products.

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