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j.t. asked about 'processor speed' .. 'separation' .. encountered in .. 'urban public places.''

January 03, 2019 03:20PM avatar
hi monte!
you indicate that you like "both" the omega 8000 and the fisher f44 for 'urban con hunting" of these two, in your experience,which one has the faster processor, and separates better in the "crap" that we are all accustomed to in urban public parks, and other public places?

You asked a difficult question because there are way too many variables, most of which the average forum posters don't have a clue about, but I'll get into that ... later.

In this case, you asked on the Fisher & Teknetics Metal Detector Forum and singled out two models I have, and enjoy, in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit: The Fisher F44 and Teknetics Omega 8000.

This made it fairly easy for me because I have one of each model equipped with the same size and type search coil mounted, the 7" Concentric. I also have an Omega 8000 with the 5" DD coil attached. So I can reply based on these two brands and two specific models, but to do justice to an explanation, I feel it is worthwhile to add performance and opinions related with other brands and models for comparison.

That was the easy part. Now I'll get to the difficulties in answering this type of question:

1.. A 'processor's speed' is only part of the equation because you need to know how a detector performs to get a signal to the processor and then know what happens after the processor. Matter of fact, you need to clarify which 'processor' we might be talking about as a detector is doing multiple 'processing.'

2.. 'Separation' is another thing that needs to be clarified. Most folks who use a metal detector think that 'separation' is simply how close targets might be that allow a detector to give a 'Beep' or positive response on each encountered target, but that's not totally what it is. It is perhaps best described as being a 'Quick-Response' from closely associated detectable objects, but there's more to consider.

3.. 'Recovery Speed' is a must when using any amount of Discrimination because a detector needs to 'recover' from a 'rejected' target in order to produce a favorable response from a nearby 'accepted' target. This is an important factor when searching any trashy environment, be it old trash or modern trash. Ferrous junk or non-ferrous junk. A Relic Hunting site or a local urban Coin Hunting location.

And associated with 'Recovery Speed' is not only a detector's ability to recover from a Discriminated or Rejected target that would usually be a nail or other ferrous 'crap,' but also recover from a target that is non-ferrous, but a much lower conductivity or much higher conductivity level. Let me step away from Fisher & Teknetics products for a moment and grab one of my Tesoro's.

One thing Tesoro was noted for ever since the introduction of the Inca in July of '83 was that they demonstrate a very "Quick-Response and Fast-Recovery." That's been more or less a trademark for the brand, and is the main reason I have relied heavily on keeping one to three of my favorite Tesoro models in my working detector group. When I evacuate any, and I mean any detector, I not only put them to test using some scenarios that replicate in-the-field encounters, but I need to see what they offer in performance compared with my Tesoro devices and other detectors I rely on for both Coin & Jewelry Hunting and Relic Hunting.

My Regular-Use Detector Outfit is comprised of a few models that do NOT match the "Q-R & F-R" of my two Tesoro models, and currently those are my Fisher F44 and Omega 8000's. I have a 7" Concentric coil on the F44 and one of the Omega 8K's and these models are performing quite well for me and demonstrating their own set of 'talents' that I can enjoy afield.

Can they be used for serious Relic Hunting? Yes, as long as a location has a limited amount of ferrous trash and what there is at a site is reasonably scattered. Desirable targets can also be more easily found if they are not too close simply because the response and recovery time of these models isn't as quick as some other makes and models might be.

The Tesoro's are great at working in dense debris and unmasking keepers that are close to junk, but they are a single-tone / non-display and it seems most hobbyists today want TID and Tone ID. Also in my arsenal is a White's Classic ID that has the well-known modifications to add and external Threshold control and 1-turn manual Ground Balance. It does feature a simple 'flash technology' segmented Target ID, but it is still only a single-tone device. The beauty of this model is that they are about as close as you can get in analog performance to just about match Tesoro performance.thumbs up

I like to use the Classic ID for both Coin Hunting urban sites as well as Relic Hunting in iron infested locations. Going one step farther away from the F44 and Omega 8000 performance in very littered places with Nails, other ferrous junk and even those pesky ferrous-based Bottle Caps, I usually prefer my quicker-response and recovery devices, the Nokta CoRe and Relic, plus the latest Nokta-Makro entry, the Anfibio Multi. If I add it Urban Coin Hunting junk, to include dealing with a heavy concentration of non-ferrous junk such as Ring-Pull Tabs, Rectangular Pry-Tabs, Screw Caps and other discarded litter, well, these three models can also easily handle that type of trash, too.

When Coin Hunting urban locations I will have my Omega 8K w/5" DD along for the ride, so that will give me some help in really dense debris where the two models with a 7" Concentric coil just do not have the features you asked about to handle the conditions. Of all my models with a VDI display, the CoRe and Relic are just about unmatchable while still providing ample but simple and functional adjustment features. I have a smaller 'OOR' DD on one CoRe and a 5" DD on one Relic and I can put them up against the Tesoro's w/ 6" Concentric coils, the Omega w/5" DD, the Classic ID w/5½" DD, and MX-7 w/6½" DD or any model that sports a 7" Concentric coil and the CoRe and Relic are unmatched on my toughest Test Sample with a copper button front with one 3½" rusty nail on top of it using the smaller coils,.

One coil I still need to purchase is the 5" DD for my Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi, then I can compare performance with the other detectors I own and use. As it is today, with the 7" Concentric coil I keep mounted on the Anfibio Multi, it is just about the best all-purpose, general-use detector I own. Nails 8-out-of-8 on the Nail Board Performance Test, and on another Test Sample I use involving a stack or US Silver Halves on top of a Silver Dollar, the Anfibio Multi handles that test well.

Where my CoRe and Relic are simply deadly in any dense ferrous debris site, they do not hit well on the stack of silver coins. Poor audio and visual responses, but the other units I own, to include my favorite Coin & Jewelry Hunting F44 and Omega 8000, do not have a problem on the tallest stack of US Silver Coins Matter-of-fact, the F44 / Omega 8K duo produce excellent target responses with their 7" Concentric search coils.thumbs up

A lengthy answer, and tardy, I know. Sorry about that, but I don't want to simplify things and just say the Fisher F44 and Teknetics Omega 8000 do not have a fast-response and quick-recovery and let it go at that. An unsupported comment like that could easily spook some folks away from enjoying these two models and they shouldn't.

I have been Coin Hunting ever since I got started in this sport in March of '65 and know there have been times I encountered dense clusters of nails, but most of the time the urban places we search are not all that bad. My goal this year is to try and hit 5,000 coins, and with my cruddy health and impaired mobility it is a tough challenge I am outing myself up to ... but, I can tell you right now that a huge number of sites will be hunted and coins found using my current Fisher and Teknetics favorites. I have had to make a change in my Outfit to use the lightest and handiest detectors I can while demanding to have a certain level of decent performance, and my F44 and Omega 8000's are going to help me reach my goal.

Non-urban hunting in nasty ferrous conditions will usually see me with something else in my hands, but city sites have coins in hiding and they ought to tremble when I attack them with the F44 and Omega 8000. No, not the best at processing closely-spaced targets to provide me with the separation I might need in dense urban trash, but if those conditions confront me I'll just grab a different model I'll have along. The other two urban picks in my Outfit are a Tesoro and the modified Classic ID, and they will be used in support of the Fisher and Teknetics duo I have.

As for specific performance differences between them? I have tinkered with both units sporting the same-size 7" Concentric coils using maybe a half-dozen to dozen different set-ups and they are too close for me to call one a winner over the other. The 'Recovery Speed' is almost identical. I will give the F44 a nod in favor of holding a bit better numeric VDI read-out and a cleaner audio response when I get out to the fringe reach of an Omega 8000. Very close, but a slight edge in favor of the F44.


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j.t. asked about 'processor speed' .. 'separation' .. encountered in .. 'urban public places.''

Monte 187 January 03, 2019 03:20PM

Re: j.t. asked about 'processor speed' .. 'separation' .. encountered in .. 'urban public places.''

jmaryt 169 January 03, 2019 11:10PM

Just be careful not to overthink the trash-handling abilities.

Monte 175 January 04, 2019 12:51AM

Re: Just be careful not to overthink the trash-handling abilities.

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j.t., here's a long answer to your 'trash' handling question.

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