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Typical FTP dense ferrous trash behavior.

January 24, 2019 08:10AM avatar
supposed to be super quick in junk IF the junk is NOT too dense according to monte!..very lightweight too!

I did a few more indoor side-by-side comparisons of several makes and models and search coils last night since it is still too cold to get out hunting. Even when I know what to expect, I still like to play with my detectors during weather's down-time just to stay familiar and hopefully learn more.

I have owned several Teknetics T2's and with the 5" DD coil I had that combination in my Detector Outfit by late 2014 as my dense nail and other ferrous contaminated environment model, and second to that with 2-Tone audio ID and a visual numeric VDI was the White's MX-5 with the MXT Pro close beside it. They could handle the two methods of hunting in nail infestations, and those are using the Discrimination setting to just barely Reject iron nails (if too annoying) or to just barely Accept iron nails (if you have the patience and tolerance) and used the iron-tone audio.

At that time I was also using several other makes and models for relic site or urban coin hunting, one of which was the Teknetics Omega 8000. The Omega 8K was my favorite grab-and-go Coin & Jewelry Hunting model because it handled the more open or typical urban trashy sites fine, and it gave me better, steadier, VDI lock-on than even the T2 on mid-depth and deeper coins and most of the time I was using the round 8" Concentric coil. I also had the 5" DD coil which produced impressive depth for its smaller size which is actually slightly under 5" in diameter. It was also the small coil combination I used for urban locations to work close to metal structures, and the complementary 2-tone model to the Omega 8K was the White's MX-5 with it's 6½" Concentric coin and operating in 2-Tone audio.

But as good as the Omega was, and is, in average hobbyist type detecting locations, it was no match for the T2 and some others when dealing with nails and other iron. Using my Nail Board Performance Test and an Indian Head Cent, the Omega with 8" Concentric, 5" DD or other coils for it could never match the performance I got from my favorite Tesoro's w/6" coils, or the White's Classic series or MXT Pro or MX-5 with their 6½" coils. Other FTP offerings I have owned or tried seem to stem from the same circuitry platform/concept as the Omega because they also have difficulty dealing with iron. And the more Discrimination used, the worse the ability to perform in dense nails becomes.

I am including the other 'Greek series' models, and the Tek. G2 and Fisher Gold Bug Pro series, the Euro-Tek Pro, the F-19 and G2+ models, and now even the Fisher F44 which I really like. I have found old coins and trade tokens when I hunted ghost towns and a few similar sites with success using the Omega 8000's I had in the past, as well as some with the G2 and Euro-Tek Pro, but only in the more open or sparsely trashy areas of those old places. Not in the heavy nail contaminated areas.

In January of 2015 I got new detector in-hand and soon most other detectors I owned were being sold or traded off. That included the MXT Pro and Teknetics T2 and others, simply because the Nokta FORS CoRe with small coil beat all of them in several side-by-side comparisons. At the time it became my #1 preferred model for hunting in dense nail contaminations. It, and the Nokta FORS Relic that followed a year later, remain my two best-performing Relic Hunting detectors.

The last two models I finally sold in 2015 out of all those I had were the White's MX-5 and, finally, the Teknetics Omega 8000. My 2017 and '18 detecting seasons were hampered due to health issues and some family matters, but by the end of last year, after reflecting back on the 'fun' and success I had Coin Hunting from 2010 through 2015 with Omega 8000's I decided to put one, now two, back in my regular-Use Outfit. In October, after recovering from my neck/spine surgery, I managed to get in some hunt time with the Omega 8000 I acquired, using a 7" Concentric coil I also acquired at the time.

I was working a vacant lot from a house demolition and removal I got permission for, and enjoyed the search with the Omega and a few other brands, that I got an urge to pick up a 2nd Omega, then got the F44. Now I'll keep one Omega, sell the other and get a 2nd F44 just to keep a 7" Concentric on one and a 5" DD on the other to be ready for different site challenges.

The Omega 8000 and F44 I have because I like them, they are light weight, and provide a quicker-response than many detectors on the market for average Hobby-based hunting in urban locations. They don't have a delayed response like today's lower-end White's, and they do have a faster recovery time than many other makes and models in their price range and feature group.

Part of the issue is with a detector being able to recover quickly between a few coins in close association to signal on the next coin, but being able to also handle a discriminated targets and recover from iron nail rejection and still be able to have a quick response to a close, partially masked desirable target.

There's no 'perfect' detector so I don't mind owning some that complement others, and since I have my Nokta CoRe and Relic models, which are unmatched by any Garrett, White's or First Texas product in the nastier iron challenged old places I hunt, I don't mind owning and using my FTP models that show their strong points by providing very light weight, comfortable detectors that have some adjustment features and decent day-to-day performance for the urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting needs. Most of those locations lack troublesome nails and other ferrous debris challenges.

A simpler reason of why I like them and use them is that they are .... FUN! If you like Coin Hunting and have a chance to check out an F44, let me know what YOU think.


PS: I wonder what the folks at FTP might be working on for a future model and hope that they will consider some changes. They have a lot of models to cover anyone's needs for typical Coin Hunting duty. What I would be interested in is any detector that is a step up from the T2 and could rival the CoRe and Relic in performance and features. Show me a new model with a 5" coil that will challenge the CoRe & Relic and I'll really be impressed.

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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jmaryt 231 January 12, 2019 03:12PM

What's to like about the Fisher F44 ?

UtahRich 146 January 23, 2019 04:42PM

Re: What's to like about the Fisher F44 ?

jmaryt 146 January 23, 2019 11:28PM

Typical FTP dense ferrous trash behavior.

Monte 173 January 24, 2019 08:10AM

There are several things I like about the Fisher F44.

Monte 171 January 23, 2019 09:24PM

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