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The T2 to the F75, with OQW5I technology.

January 25, 2019 05:04AM avatar
I share your confusion with this long running family of detectors. I had an original F75 75th Anniversary edition but that pre-DST model was too mentally fatiging for me as it just wouldn't shut up for a nano second as it was swept. total mental overload ...
I have owned six, maybe seven, of the different Teknetics T2's except for the new T2+, and two Fisher F75's and an assortment of the factory offered search coils. Like you and Rich and a whole lot more people, it got confusing to me as well once they started adding all the other name lingo to them.confused smiley

Of the two I favored the Tek. T2, especially theT2 'Classic' which was basically a return to the original T2. Plus I like the green color they used over the black or gold rod systems. Until I got a Nokta FORS CoRe in my hands the 8th of January of 2015, a T2 Classic w/5" DD was in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit as a go-to for hunting in dense iron nails at the ghost towns, homesteads and other high-use and high ferrous trash locations. But that was it for both the Teknetics and Fisher offerings because I think they also had the OQW5I technology built-in.

You haven't heard of that interesting feature? Well, I found that is what it took to calm these detectors down. From the very first release of a photo of the original T2, I didn't care for the goofy-looking 11" BiAxial (simply means Double-D) search coil. I didn't like the looks of the 11" BiAxial, and either model with that coil were terribly annoying, as you mentioned, especially in any urban locations with ample EMI around, but even in some of the dense iron choked old sites I prefer to search.

I had to rely on the OQW5I technology for smoother-running operations. Not a switch or button, and you don't have to invert the detector and shake it really hard, you just think small.

I refer to this: OQW5I and that is they were Only Quiet With 5 Inch coils mounted.

... and rapidly no longer fun; and fun is for me what this hobby is all about, finds are just icing on the cake.
The 'Fun Factor' to be sure. thumbs up

I don't care for any detector when it becomes annoying, be it too complex to fiddle with, or too sputtery and noisy to enjoy. I never even kept the 11" or other accessory coils mounted on lower rods for quick-change use because I didn't like them and the T2/F75 behavior. Only with the 5" DD coils were they better behaved, plus I enjoyed the performance of the T2 w/5" DD out of all the FTP products where I'm usually hunting.

For more open areas I favored the Omega over the T2 if both had their 11" BiAxial coil mounted as the Omega was not so annoying. But the Omega or my Fisher F44 I use today are not cut out for really tough, nail-plagued older sites even with their 5" DD coils. The T2 w/5" was better for that.

I'm just wishing to see them bring out something new and improved, even if in the same excellent physical package, because once I got the Nokta CoRe, the T2 and almost every other TID model I owned was up for sale or trade. I've reacquired a T2 or F75 since then, even last February, just to double check the performance afield, but they were soon traded or sold. I also got the Nokta FORS Relic in January of 2016 and have yet to find any detector with a smaller-size coil that will do what the CoRe and Relic can do in some very challenging side-by-side tests.

Baring that machinegun audio, the ergonomics of this machine and the feature set were truly another great Dave Johnson design.
Other than the noisy behavior, and the fact the CoRe and Relic have stepped up the performance, I am with you 100% on their ergonomic design and ease of access and adjustment to their feature set.

I am really interested in the current versions with the DST, iron audio volume and FA, (fast audio), process; boost & cache modes are nice to have on board but not totally necessary to my mind.
I have used several and the Boost mode, to me, showed some potential, but I never was comfortable with the FA behavior. The Nokta Relic as similar functions with Swift and Boost, but I really never use Swift.

The CoRe shared the '40' VDI break-point for Ferrous / Non-Ferrous like the T2, and the Relic opens up the Non-Ferrous VDI range with a Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break at '20' so it is more like the F75 in that respect. Both the T2 and F75 work at 13 kHz, but don't share search coils. The CoRe is 15 kHz and the Relic is 19 kHz, and the other nice feature of the Relic is that it has the Iron Volume control. The T2's and F75 do not have that newer adjustment function from what I have seen.

I prefer the T2 to the F75, and if they added Iron Volume and do a little clean-up with the noisy behavior and improved performance in dense iron, I might add one back into my Outfit.

What I have gleaned, and I may be off base, is that the T2 precedded the F75 and with its expanded iron resolution, was primarily aimed at the relic hunter; F75 was made with general use and primarily the coin shooter in mind.
That is correct. The T2 was first as David Johnson wanted to make use of the Teknetics brand name they had when they were only producing Bounty Hunter models. The T2 design, all the package and circuitry, came first and the F75 came later. You are correct on the ferrous break-point, also.

One of the dealers I use has an old stock discontinued Pro Arc version with the full feature set of the F75LTD, pelican type hardcase, 5" coil, etc. listed at what would be approximately $750 US. Kind of tempting...
Personally I would pass on the Pro Arc version. The T2 and F75 do offer a few different Tone ID options, but the two I used the most were 2-Tone and 3-Tone, which is also what are on and used the most with the CoRe and Relic.

They set a standard in the detector industry with the T2, and now just need to take the next big step in improvement with more 'modern' functional features. Even though I am trimming down my Outfit I still have an urge to get a T2+ or another offering just to give them a try again.


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To those who have used both, what is the difference between the current F75 LTD and the T2 LTD?

Druid 216 January 24, 2019 08:16AM

Drew, just a couple of updated comments regarding my T2+.

Monte 154 February 15, 2019 06:55AM

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UtahRich 157 January 24, 2019 06:55PM

Re: F75's - T2's Model Guide -

Druid 154 January 24, 2019 10:11PM

The T2 to the F75, with OQW5I technology.

Monte 191 January 25, 2019 05:04AM

Re: The T2 to the F75, with OQW5I technology.grinning smiley

Druid 158 January 25, 2019 06:43PM

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