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Re: "Will keep you updated on how my old faithful T2 and small coil performs " ... So, what's the word?

July 31, 2019 04:08AM
RickUK, I'm just wondering how things have been going waaay over your direction? Is "old faithful" hanging in there with that 5" DD coil? Crops come off okay, and are you able to get back onto some productive sites yet? we know the folks at FTP are in need of a newer model with more current features many of us want, but I sure hope they can get it all bundled together but use the T2 physical package. Terrific weight and balance for great handling and yet in a comfortable feeling design. One of my all-time favorite configurations.thumbs up

Let us know how you're doing.


Hi Monte,well after a stellar summer with the sun at record highs this mean that the crops have ripened much earlier than usual,but just when the combines are about too be fired up for harvesting the wheat and barley we all of sudden have had a massive change in the weather.....this means that they require some time for the crop to thoroughly dry out before cutting it.

Maybe another week before they start the harvest,even the hay collecting on pasture has been delayed as well,so hence the main reason why the season is not fully under way,which if i am honest after a few months of limited permission as no one is allowed on cultivated farmland for obvious reasons,we are all suffering from cabin fever.

The crux of the matter is although i do own say the Deus and also the Equinox and other detectors,the T2 is still in my mind performance wise still right up at the premier league level,it is in my mind such a versatile machine and mine is just one of the original green models from 2006/7,what i like about it is the fact that its light which does rank one of my biggest requests from a detector due to wrist problems.The T2 must be one of the easiest machine setting up wise,after switching on its just seconds before you are out detecting rather than many machines that have so many complicated sub menus which for the most part although in theory are supposed to help you fine tune your machine too the conditions and desired targets,sometimes keeping it simple is far better.........this is just my personal opinion some machines like the Whites V3i which had so many variables was prehaps was its own downfall.

In recent years almost all my detectors have been totally changed over to smaller coils,predominately because of coming off motor bikes in the 70s and 80s,wrist problems being the biggest problems,i had 2 options either pack up detecting because of this problem or amend my detecting equipment and techniques,the change over to lighter detectors and coils was the way forward so that i could/can still carry on my all time favourite pastime.

May main everyday machines that i have been using on a regular basis in the last 12 months and on going are the Deus 9'' LF coil,Equinox 6'' coil,T2 5'' coil and Sharpshooter coil,i do have many others for say site specific use,but they only come out to play when i am on the trail of a hoard/cache then the big guns as i call it are used with larger coils but only use them with a full harness,but still doable.

So as the weather has turned good again we suspect harvest time will commence once again in the next few days.

Equinox,Deusx2,T2,TDI Pro,Nexus MP,Nexus SE,Fisher TW-5,IDX Pro,DFX,Arado120b,Mirage PI,Crossbow PI and just a few others.
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Wont be long before the 5'' coil on the T2 comes out too play........

RickUK 1045 July 10, 2019 04:03AM

"Will keep you updated on how my old faithful T2 and small coil performs " ... So, what's the word?

Monte 679 July 28, 2019 08:50AM

Re: "Will keep you updated on how my old faithful T2 and small coil performs " ... So, what's the word?

RickUK 733 July 31, 2019 04:08AM

RickUK, any update on your "old faithful T2" performance?

Monte 611 September 22, 2019 08:57PM

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