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A tardy, corrected response.

July 03, 2020 10:02AM avatar
Drew I had to ix the quote in a quote post. I did before, but then I got side-tracked and forgot to reply so I'll do it now:

Druid: OK, if it is a low to mid-price model then Teknetics; high end model Fisher, (yeah, I’m hedging my bets)
I'd like to see them keep the Bounty Hunter line catering to the low to maybe low-mid level detectors for their mass-marketing needs. Step the Teknetics line up to where it started out, originally in '83 and with the T2 in '06, and address the mid-price and upper-end models. Do similar with both eh Fisher and Teknetics lines with little differences so they would appeal to followers of either group. For example, I happen to like the Tekneics name an image more than I do the Fisher name and image.

Druid: I am thinking that with the proliferation of waterproof units they will need to have a dog in the fight, so waterproof.
I think we've seen a final release of a long-term project for a Pi waterproof detector. Time will tell if it is worth their while considering the SSSS MSRP. I think more mid-priced VLF waterproof detectors would command a bigger share of the pot than the AQ.

Druid: Hummm, if they are to be competitive it will need to be marketable so SMF, with optional single frequencies
I do like the either-way concept of SMF or Selectable Frequency in one unit, but ... It would need to have other desired adjustment functions, AND it would need to work well and rival some of what in the market chain now or pending.. I would have to work well in a variety of site environments.

Druid: Have to Trump it (no not the potus) so option to select frequencies is my guess
Yes, and they don't need a lot of optional frequencies, but they should think it out and offer a good frequency range of maybe three choices.

Druid: I expect higher buy in than Apex but lower than Equinox 800
Yep, something in the $600 to $800 range, then maybe an upper-end between $800 and $999.

Druid: Before years end.
Hoping anyway
smiling smiley
Here's where it's going to be tough for Fisher & Teknetics because we've heard no rumors, we have other very good detectors in the market, and the Garrett Apex is going to be out in about a month. Sometime in August, and that leaves very little detecting season here in the USA to try and bring out a new entry to this marketplace. It ought to be interesting when and if they do.


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FTP Guessing Game confused smiley

Monte 922 May 20, 2020 12:27AM

Re: FTP Guessing Game confused smiley

jmaryt 440 September 08, 2020 09:19PM

As I sit here on my deck waiting for UPS questions came to mind.confused smiley

Monte 580 September 08, 2020 05:30PM

Re: As I sit here on my deck waiting for UPS questions came to mind.confused smiley

jmaryt 481 September 08, 2020 09:18PM

Re: As I sit here on my deck waiting for UPS questions came to mind.confused smiley

Druid 552 September 08, 2020 07:06PM

I asked this 2½ months ago, and soon we'll near the end of detecting season for 2020 ...thinking

Monte 566 August 07, 2020 06:48AM

Re: I asked this 2½ months ago, and soon we'll near the end of detecting season for 2020 ...thinking

jmaryt 552 August 07, 2020 08:50PM

Very true, FTP is a much bigger business than just metal detectors.

Monte 483 August 07, 2020 10:21PM

The End is Near !

UtahRich 563 August 07, 2020 01:31PM

Re: The End is Near !

diggindeep 646 August 07, 2020 02:29PM

Re: FTP Guessing Game confused smiley

Druid 698 May 21, 2020 05:39PM

A tardy, corrected response.

Monte 563 July 03, 2020 10:02AM

FTP Guessing Game

UtahRich 596 May 20, 2020 09:44AM

The Finder Impulse AQ Limited.

UtahRich 550 June 18, 2020 12:42AM

Rich, the AQ Ltd. is out of my budget and not what I want or need.

Monte 756 June 18, 2020 03:20AM

Impulse AQ - Remainder of the hunting season.

UtahRich 594 July 15, 2020 10:33AM

Re: Impulse AQ - Remainder of the hunting season.

D&P-OR 538 July 15, 2020 01:59PM

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