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Why is the Teknetics T2+ my favorite of the 'series'?

October 05, 2020 06:21AM avatar
It's after 3 AM Monday morning and I was just cleaning up all my PM's and noticed one from Del, D&P-OR, from August, I think, and I wasn't sure if I answered him or not, but it's an OK question. The T2, introduced in 2006, was quite an impressive new model entry as Dave Johnson, their lead design engineer, was give free reign to develop a new model to bring the Teknetics line back to life. New electronic circuitry, that I liked. A completely new physical package that I especially liked. And the new 11" BiAxial coil that I .... well, I guess it's okay but doesn't do anything for me and most of the types of sites I hunt.

The original T2 was an interesting new model entry and, once I got it and mounted a 5" DD coil, I found it to be a very good complement to my detector outfit. In years to come I took to a few other Teknetics offerings in my outfit,. such as the Omega 8000 and then the G2 (the Teknetics' version of the Fisher Gold Bug Pro) mainly with smaller-size coil.

I did have one T2 LTS SE and then through the years maybe 4 original T2's, 4 of the T2 'Classic' units and 1 of the T2+. One thing all of them have in common is the absolute best physical rod, arm cup, and grip design, along with the easy-to-use display control design to go with it. Wonderful balance and 'feel' coupled with very simple control operation.

The 'original' T2 I liked because of the above and the excellent dark green color. Very attractive and different from the general 'black' trend we were and are seeing.

The T2 Ltd. SE gave us a few different adjustments and features. You could turn DST On or Off, which was kind of OK, but unless you changed it on a future hunt, it remembered if you had it On or Off at shut-down and started back up the same way. Since it usually worked fine and did help reduce EMI, I just left it On so the On/Off option was useless ... to me.

It also gave us the 'bP' and 'CL' Discrimination options. They are listed with the Tone ID selection, but they are 2-Tone modes that differ fro the standard 2+ Tone ID. Of the two, I mainly made use of the 'bP' function, and that stands for 'Boost Process' which is called a 'Depth' or 'Deep' mode on some competitor's models. It requires or allows a slower sweep speed and enhanced depth-of-detection that is best suited for locations with minimal targets so there aren't shallower masking targets. That was a feature I have enjoyed using.

The Ltd. SE also provided some audio Iron Audio Volume control, but as I emphasized, it was only 'some' control and not full control. If the operator chooses the 2+ Tone ID they will have a 2-Tone audio response with a Low Iron Audio TONE and a higher, VCO modulated High-Tone. With the Ltd. SE version of the T2 you can then select 2A, 2b or 2c. The 2+ selection provides a Full-Volume Low-Tone Iron Audio, 2A is a Lower Iron Volume, 2b is a Very Low Iron Volume and 2c is a '0' or No Iron Audio as the Ferrous range is muted or shut-off. I did like this ability, to a degree.

It is a pre-selected circuitry design with Full, Lower, Very-Low and Off Volume control. We can all know and discern the Iron Audio Tone being a Full Volume or being Off. But we all have different hearing abilities, such as me being eaf or hearing impaired for numerous frequency pitches. Therefore, the design engineer choice for 'Lower' and for 'Very Low' might not be the same interpretation you or I would have. I much prefer to have some operator-control of the Iron Volume setting. My Nokta / Makro Relic and Racer 2 and Simplex let me select from several Volume level, as does my Minelab Vanquish 540. The new Garrett Apex provide '0' for Off and up to '8' Volume or Loudness levels.

The T2 Ltd. SE I had didn't work well for me because the 2b was way too low and difficult for me to hear, and the 2A was lower than full, but I wished I could have adjusted it a little lower. Kind of to some loudness level between 2A and 2b.

So, after owning 4 'original' and 2 'Classic' versions, I parted with the T2 Ltd. SE and acquired 2 more 'Classic' models. Why, might be a question at this point. The answer? I liked the T2 original due to the excellent design, comfort and beautiful dark green color. I also liked the 'Classic' because it was, basically, a re-release of the 'original' in the nice dark green instead of the black system, but the 'Classic' was simply a move for Teknetics to get back in the marketing race with a now-competitive lower MSRP.

Now we get to the T2+ and why I liked it.

1.. It was a great package of the 'classic' or 'original' design in the beautiful dark green color.thumbs up They have a really nice and roomy arm cup which, especially now as we move into the fall and winter season, makes it very good when wearing a sweater, jacket or heavier coat.

2.. It has the DST function, but it is built-in to the circuitry and works full-time to help with EMI and is not operator adjustable for On or Off.

3.. It does have the very functional 'bP' function. A great deep-seeking 2-Tone mode I have used in both open fields as well grassy old parks sites and a few sections of private yards.

In short, for me and my typical search needs, the T2+ made the better T2 'series' option. The only thing I would like to see added to the T2, if they plan to keep it around for a while or simply build on the design and bring out a T3 ... there's an idea ... would be to add a variable Iron Audio Volume control that would apply to ALL of the other modes. I like to use Iron Volume control in 3-Tone and 'Deep' or 'bP' modes as well.


Darn, all this typing had me thinking about the new 5" DD T2 coil I have mounted on a spare lower rod in my Accessory Coil Tote, but without anything on-hand to mount it to.thinking Do I need to get another detector? confused smiley No, I guess not. But if I 'accidently' stumble across a pristine T2+ I just might make the move. smiling smiley

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Why is the Teknetics T2+ my favorite of the 'series'?

Monte 657 October 05, 2020 06:21AM

Because they make small coils for it ? smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

UtahRich 400 October 05, 2020 05:50PM

I replied to the ergonomics, but yes, the small 5" DD was an important ingredient.

Monte 427 October 11, 2020 08:40AM

The absolute best ergonomics, and very decent general performance N/T

Monte 388 October 05, 2020 09:24PM

Re: Why is the Teknetics T2+ my favorite of the 'series'?

Kickindirt 420 October 05, 2020 12:35PM

Kickindirt, regarding headphones on a new model release.

Monte 455 October 05, 2020 12:51PM

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