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The Tesoro's, the Apex's, the Simplex +, the V-540 and me.

January 20, 2021 01:19PM avatar
I thought about listing my V-540, but I'll use it from time-to-time and kept it around as a 'loaner-unit' for friends and family

3 months ago you said the Vanquish was the best thing since sliced bread and now I read you might keep yours as a loaner unit ?? That was fast went from best machine to religated as a "loaner" unit. What the heck am I going to do with 3 loaner units LOL

I guess I ought to do a little correcting and adjusting of my statement. First, let's look back 'a few months." I said I liked the Vanquish 540 Pro Pack because it worked well for a lot of applications I would use it for, and I also liked it better than the big-brother Equinox 800 because, in some side-by-side comparisons in 'Lonesome Arch' as well as some urban sites, the V-540 gave me comparable, or even better, performance with the 5X8 DD compared with the '800' w/6" DD.

So yes, I liked the V-540 then and i like the v-540 now, but not as a primary-use, do-it-all model, just a model that works well for some needs and provides the functional Multi-IQ performance I like for certain tasks. It, in other words, has it's place in my Detector Outfit, as does the Simplex + for wet-weather hunting or beach hunting. My CoRe and Relic are my dedicated 'specialty-use' models for challenging Relic Hunting sites with abundant Nails and other ferrous debris, such as 'Lone Tree', 'Lonesome Arch', 'Switch-back' and other old town sites we hunt in Idaho, Nevada and Utah.

So, there are places I will use my Simplex +, and there are times and places I'll grab my Vanquish 540. Like my CoRe and Relic, they'll be used, but are not part of my Daily-Use Team which are a combinations of my Garrett Apex and Tesoro favorite models, each assigned with a coil of choice for where I'll hunt. I keep the 5X9½ on my Simplex + and 5X8 DD on my V-540 because those are my favorite and most-used coils for them. And as a 'Loaner-Unit' I have those mainly for family or good friends, not just to loan to anyone. I want the 'Loaner-Unit' to be a quality detector that can provide them with impressive and satisfactory performance ... yet be simple and easy to set-up and use. The V-540 is just that.

And both the Simplex + and V-540 have their standard coils if friends or family want to hunt a wide-open beach, big grassy park, or work a plowed field with me. In short, I am not relegating your Vanquish models to the level of a budget-level and inferior detector to have on hand to just let somebody / anybody use. The V-540 is a mid-priced model of good quality and reliable performance that I have to loan to someone special so they can enjoy this great sport right along with me.


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It's funny how some people want a lot of adjustments, and others seem to ignore good models that do.

Monte 88 January 19, 2021 08:09PM

What the heck lol

OregonGregg 89 January 20, 2021 09:51AM

Re: What the heck lol 3 loaners?

Kickindirt 54 January 23, 2021 07:38PM

Re: What the heck lol 3 loaners?

OregonGregg 47 January 24, 2021 11:08AM

Re: What the heck lol

jmaryt 64 January 20, 2021 06:16PM

The Tesoro's, the Apex's, the Simplex +, the V-540 and me.

Monte 90 January 20, 2021 01:19PM

What DO people want . . . . ???

UtahRich 103 January 23, 2021 12:49AM

Re: What DO people want . . . . ???

jmaryt 47 February 03, 2021 12:13AM

Re: What DO people want . . . . ???

jmaryt 53 January 24, 2021 01:05AM

I have had more phone calls and e-mails regarding

Monte 68 January 23, 2021 07:00AM

Re: I have had more phone calls and e-mails regarding

jmaryt 59 January 24, 2021 01:07AM

It looks just like mine ... I pamper my gear. N/T

Monte 38 January 24, 2021 11:23AM

Re: What the heck lol

D&P-OR 69 January 20, 2021 12:33PM

Rolling Stones

OregonGregg 70 January 20, 2021 02:34PM

Re: Rolling Stones

D&P-OR 60 January 20, 2021 03:13PM

Re: Rolling Stones

jmaryt 68 January 20, 2021 06:30PM

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