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The T2+, search coils, and my thoughts in general.

April 29, 2021 07:28AM avatar
First to the T2+. I have owned all of the Teknetics T2 series models from their original release T2 in 2006 to the present with the T2+ the latest, and also my favorite of them all. I like it the best because it:

• is in the 'original-green' which I prefer to the black rods.

• has DST built-in and always On which I favor because I like to have no need it to be switch On or Off function.

• has the 'bp' or 'Boost Process' function I like for more sparse-target open areas to work slowly for improved depth.

Second, the available search coils. I've never liked the looks of the standard 11" BiAxial (nifty lingo for Double-D) and have always parted with that coil or left it in my Accessory Coil Tote. Because I have spent the majority of my detecting time in trashy to very-trashy sites since '68, I prefer a smaller-size search coil, or in modestly-littered sites a mid-size coil, so the Teknetics 5" DD has been the #1 coil for me on every T2 I have owned. I always kept one mounted full-time because from 2006 until January of 2015, the T2 w/5" DD was my #1 Iron contaminated ghost town favorite with visual and audio Target ID.

The struggle for me was finding a good mid-size coil for the T2, like many other makes and models. To ME, a mid-size coil could be a round-shaped 7" or 8",Concentric type, or an elliptical Double-D such as a 5X8 or 5X9½. Twice I tried the Teknetics 10" elliptical and didn't like it. The rod-mount position could have been closer to center for a better balance; I like an open-frame coil and not a solid-body design if over 6"; to me that coil had a heavy feel on the excellent T2 configuration; and while I bought two and didn't keep them around long at all. One was returned because it didn't work well. Terrible would be a good word to fit in there. And the other for all the other reasons.

I had tried a comparable-size 5X9½ open-frame DD from NEL, the 'Sharpshooter', and it looked better, felt better with a good rod-mount position, and importantly, it worked better than the 10" elliptical Teknetics coil. Still, it was the 5" DD I kept mounted full-time, and if I ever get a T2 + again, it will definitely have the 5" acquired with it for 'regular duty'.

Larger-size search coils. Something I very, very seldom use. I have just concentrated on trashier sites with a lot of dense brush and building rubble to have any serious need for bigger coils. I do have one 'standard' or 'bigger', to me, coil mounted in my current Detector Outfit of 7 detectors. I have a Nokta FORS CoRe w/5" DD and Simplex + w/mid-size 5X9½ DD. Two favorite Tesoro's that each have a 6" Concentric mounted. Then I have three Garrett Apex devices with a 'Ripper' 5X8 DD on my main-use unit, a NEL 5" DD on my 2nd unit, and finally the 'Raider' 8½X11 DD on my 3rd Apex. That's one of Garrett's 'standard' size coils for some models and, for me, it IS my bigger-size coil for a beach, plowed field, or wide-open / sparse-target search.

So, what about a larger-size coil for a T2? Just before I sold my new T2+ at the start of the year I had purchased a brand new NEL 'Super-Fly' to check it out and do some comparisons with the 11" BiAxial. I never used it outside, just connected it to do some indoor bench-tests because it was a cold wintry season. The Super-Fly is their newest coil and is an 11X12 size, so not overly large, and it has to be one of the nicest, lightest-weight coils close to that size you could imagine. Amazingly light-weight!

I still have it, new-in-the-box, if you or anyone if looking for a terrific T2 series coil. It cost me $179 and I'll sell it for $150, and it is more comfortable than the original standard T2 coil.

And finally, my thoughts about the T2's, with emphasis that the '+' is my favorite version in the series. FTP can work on any new land-based detector design they want, for any mid-priced or higher price range model, but in doing so they shouldn't forget to use what might be the best physical package design, ever, of the T2 / F75 detectors. It's hard to find fault with anything about the T2's design and simple / easy one knob & one button adjustment.

I owned a lot of T2's through the years because I liked what they could do with the 5" DD coil, and I especially favored the 2+ and 3 and bP Tone ID functions for different areas. I didn't care for any of the other Tone ID functions, and usually had Disc. at '10' and Sensitivity as high as possible w/o instability. I think you bought one of the better detectors out there, as long as it fits you hunt needs.


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new T2+ arrived yesterday

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Re: new T2+ arrived yesterday

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The T2+, search coils, and my thoughts in general.

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Re: The T2+, search coils, and my thoughts in general.

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