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True, but being 'waterproof' isn't such a bad thing.

July 27, 2021 04:03PM avatar
When I got started in '65, and on into the mid-to-latter '70s, a lot of search coils were not 'waterproof.' I lived in NW Oregon where it rains .... a lot! There were times when urban Coin Hunting where I encountered puddles in low spots in a park, or like '71-'72 and '73 when I was hard-hunting a lot of renovation work when they put in a freeway, and that meant taking out old houses and tearing up yards, driveways, and also many dirt driveways were present. That made for a lot of low, water-filler areas to work a search coil.

Also, we had two major rivers, the Willamette and Columbia, that offered a lot of freshwater detecting opportunities, and was just over a 2 hour drive to the coastal beach. Back before I started getting around with a cane in '93 I used to do a lot of freshwater beach hunting and periodically visit the coast. My search coils were often being worked in up to ±6"-8" of water ... but I don't swim so I never needed a 'waterproof' detector, just a search coil.

What I don't like are the goofy physical design with it lightly narrowing toward the front half. About a nutty as the tear-drop or egg-shaped coils they made for their Fisher F22 to F44 models. Besides, I still believe a good smaller-size coil or a mid-size coil are capable of handling 95% of the places we usually hunt and do so favorably. Mid-size could be a 7" to 9" round coil or something like a 5X8 or 5X9½ elliptical.

At least it is a new product, and hopefully a hint of something new to come soon in their detector line-up.


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We are still waiting for something new in the detector market from FTP

Monte 697 July 26, 2021 05:03PM

Re: We are still waiting for something new in the detector market from FTP

desertsmith 554 July 27, 2021 09:54AM

waiting game

UtahRich 373 July 29, 2021 03:47AM

Re: waiting game

jmaryt 517 July 29, 2021 08:13PM

waiting for something new from FTP

UtahRich 359 July 27, 2021 12:42AM

Videos of FTP's 12DD coil, and brief comments on the new AQ.

Monte 442 July 27, 2021 04:52AM

What size type of coil Monte? N/T

Kickindirt 323 July 26, 2021 09:26PM

Sort of a 12" (one measurement) in Double-D type design. N/T

Monte 369 July 27, 2021 04:54AM

Re: 12" yuck

Kickindirt 345 July 27, 2021 11:38AM

True, but being 'waterproof' isn't such a bad thing.

Monte 441 July 27, 2021 04:03PM

Re: weird shapes

Kickindirt 366 July 28, 2021 11:01PM

Re: 12" yuck

D&P-OR 370 July 27, 2021 01:36PM

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