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Three Relic Hunting models I do like, often recommend, but also don't like.

May 27, 2022 11:15AM avatar
While many readers usually do not catch me saying positive things about these detectors, it is because I am often discussing an assortment of detectors that offer more choices of 'Modes' or selectable 'Tone ID' options which these three detectors lack. Also, it is when I am discussing detectors with folks who want to do more urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting and are not into Relic Hunting sites with a lot of ferrous debris. Generally, the Coin Hunting crowd wants to have some sort of processed Tone ID such as 3-Tone, 4-Tone, 5-Tone, etc. These three detectors do not offer that.

Why do I like these three models for Relic Hunting:

Because they all operate with a 2-Tone, VCO enhanced audio response which I have found to work very well in locations with a lot of Iron Nails. In those ferrous environments I would opt for 2-Tone with a Nokta FORS CoRe, FORS Relic, Teknetics T2+ and Fisher F75+.. I bought two of these units when first introduced and kept a 5" DD and mid-size elliptical DD mounted on them and they worked quite well.

When or Why would I recommend them:

Generally it was for those limited to perhaps only one detector for Relic Hunting needs. Also for those who did not have any interest in a processed, multi-tone ID function. Finally, I feel they work best when dealing with Iron Nails and wire-iron type debris.

So, what is it I do NOT like about these three models:

Two things:

1.. They do not offer a processed 3, 4 or 5-Tone audio option which I like for some types of sites.

2.. Compared with a lot of the mid-priced detectors available today that have more selectable and functional features, these three models are in the over-priced category.

All that said, I do like these three models for some applications and, since I have a 5" DD coil sitting around for them, I just might pick one up sometime this year when I find a really good deal / price on one. These three models represent each of the three brands from FTP, all share the same circuitry, operate at 19 kHz, and share the same search coils. They are the:

** Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro (The one I like due to the blue-colored display.)

** Fisher F19

** Teknetics G2+ (The other one I like due to the rod design with the T2/F75 grip.)

If you are interested in a very good, 19 kHz, 2-Tone Relic Hunting device, you ought to give these a good look.


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Three Relic Hunting models I do like, often recommend, but also don't like.

Monte 392 May 27, 2022 11:15AM

Just a follow-up on the three 19 kHz models.

Monte 276 June 14, 2022 11:36AM

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