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Uniquethinking coil for Fisher detectors

June 06, 2022 11:03AM
A few years ago there was an unusual coil on Ebay which I couldn't resist buying. It's a Coiltek 6" DD for Fisher, with a serial number of 0001. The following is from memory: The seller said it was for the F5 (or maybe he said that's what he used it on). I had a Gold Bug Pro and asked him if it would work on it; he said he didn't know. I bought it anyway.

I found on one of the online forums a post about another one, with serial number 0002. So I guess I can't call mine 'unique'! thinking Anyway, the story I put together based upon these two sources (Ebay seller and this poster) was that Coiltek and Fisher had an agreement to try a prototype coil and that after investigating a prototype unit (or two?) Fisher decided they weren't interested, and that was that.

Back to my find. I put it on the GBPro and it worked, sort of. I found quite a few coins searching parks, but it would never ground balance properly, at least using Ground Grab. Eventually it ended up on the shelf (along with the GBPro) to be more/less forgotten, until....

A couple years later I was doing some in-ground tests with a couple buried coins -- 5" deep copper Memorial cent and 6" deep Jefferson nickel. The 6" Coiltek on the GBPro couldn't see either coin even though the Fisher stock 5" DD could. Hmmm. Back to the shelf. But recently I was doing some NBPTs and had an idea to try the coil on the F75. It worked (including ground balancing) and picked up the two buried coins! So maybe Coiltek made it (optimally) for the F75 in the first place. That makes a lot of sense -- build a coil for Fisher's flagship.

Oh, it didn't do great on the NBPT when mounted on the F75. I don't have the results with me (I happen to be writing this from Wells...) but from memory it signaled correctly somewhere in the 8 to 11 out of 16 range -- not as good as either the 5" DD nor the small elliptical concentric (4"x6"?).

BUT, I have it with me so if anyone would like to see it or try it out at the upcoming WTHO, you're welcome to.
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Uniquethinking coil for Fisher detectors

GB_Amateur 419 June 06, 2022 11:03AM

Thanks for letting me try your unique 6" coil.

Monte 153 June 18, 2022 09:31AM

About your "Uniquethinking coil".

Monte 224 June 09, 2022 11:22AM

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