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I'm just buying one Mark I Ltd.

August 09, 2018 09:00AM avatar
I got the two he had to check them out and I have to say they are certainly clean specimens. thumbs up No real dings or scratches, and the side decals are in perfect shape. Those often get boogered up. And the one I am buying has an altered or repaired coil that I'll need to seal. It has the early, slightly dish-shaped gray bottom of the original Mark I, whereas the one I'm sending back to him has a beautiful condition Mark I Ltd. coil. Mine has the red top piece, but the unit I am returning has the red top and the flat-bottom black lower half that was standard on the Mark I Ltd. version.

I am also returning his NiCad charger that plugs into the detector because I don't use NiCad batteries. Yes, 14 AA's is a handful, but it really wasn't all that noticeable when I was working them at the park. It was a short hunt, but lately I can't hunt for long anyway. Matter of fact, I have two weeks to try and work in as much detecting time as possible in this summer heat because I'm due for neck/spine surgery on the 23rd.

I haven't seen anything really new and creative from Fisher or Teknetics lately, other than the Pinpointers. Other models, like the T2 and F75 have been through a variety of subtle tweaks since that style first came out about twelve years ago with the T2. The current T2 + is an example as it appears to be nothing more that the basic T2 Classic with a Boost Mode added.

Nothing wrong with that, I guess, because the unit is a proven performer for a lot of applications, especially Relic Hunting which is what I generally involve myself in. I don't care for the 11" BiAxial coil as it has a cheapish feel to it and the detector VDI is generally more erratic and doesn't lock-on and tight as my CoRe, Relic, MX-5 or MX-7. But stick a little 5" DD on the far-end of that rod and the T2 Classic and I had a fun time working a lot of iron contaminated sites.

With the CoRe, Relic, Racer 2, MX-5, MX-7 and modified Classic ID I have most of the bases covered and really don't have a need for a T2 again, however I happen to like them and figured I might add the new '+' version to my detector team because I can buy it with the bundle and get the new Tek-Point Pinpointer in the package. I am hoping to thin out some of my excess detectors, listed in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, and buy this new Teknetics package unless one is offered in a trade deal.

It's been a long time since Fisher or Teknetics introduced a truly new and competitive model in their line-up. A lot of lesser-grade models get re-dressed with a new decal and renamed, and a couple of odd-shaped coils were designed that don't appeal to me, but noting really new and creative. In recent years White's gave us the MX Sport, then fixed all the glitches and made a decent model out of it, then packaged the circuitry in a terrific land-based MX-7 that I really enjoy using.

Makro and Nokta haven't been idle either, and just four years ago, just four, they brought out the Nokta FORS CoRe, and a little over three years ago, about February/March of 2015 the original Racer. Since then and adding to the offerings during four short years, we have seen the FORS Gold Plus, Gold Racer, Racer 2, FORS Relic, AU Gold, Impact, Kruzer and Multi-Kruzer and Gold Kruzer and .... well, I am certain they are no sitting still.

Not a lot of really intriguing moves in that four years from Minelab until the new Equinox 600 and 800 models came out this year, and I have been awaiting something more up-to-date from the folks at FTP as it seems long overdue. Oh, we did get the F19 and G2+ that I guess could be considered a competitive mid-to-upper priced model, but still, where's the competition?

It looks like the two new Pinpointer twins, the Fisher F-Pulse and Teknetics Tek-Point, are a good example of FTP engineering a much better and very much improved product as they not only look good, but all the reports I have heard from those who have them have been very positive. What they were offering before was an absolute disgrace to the industry so far as pinpointers was concerned and their new efforts really stepped things up in that area. Now let's see what they can do with an upscale product on their detector line... ???

Until they do, I still feel the T2 Classic or '+' is the best you can get from FTP in the 'multi-purpose' versatile detector category, and while it works fine, it is short on modern features. You stop and think that these two Mark I Ltd.'s, which were manufactured in 1986, really offered a lot of design effort and brought a lot to the market in features and performance, and they work just a well today as they did when new, and that was about a third -of-a-century ago!

And they really only had one design engineer figuring those things out, George Payne, who had been a noted design engineer in this industry when at White's in '74/'75, bringing us VLF (Ground Balance All Metal mode), and at Bounty Hunter in '78 designing our first VLF-Disc. (Motion-based Ground Balance Discrimination) detector, and then part of the 'original' Teknetics in '83 giving us visual Target ID on the 9000 and 85000 CoinComputer models, and Target ID/Tone ID with slow-motion Disc. in '84 with the CoinComputer Mark I.

FTP isn't short-handed on electronic engineers. David Johnson has a remarkable record for bringing the industry some very competitive detector models from his time at the 'original' Fisher to work done for Tesoro and then White's and on to all the brands at FTP. They also now have Carl Moreland who has more smarts in his think-tank that a whole herd of engineers in this industry combined, and there are others under their roof. So where are the new and innovative detector offerings that many of us hoped to see by now?

I guess until they bring us something new I'll have to be happy playing around with this more dated but 'fun' Mark 1 Ltd. until I get the new Classic + ... or a surprise detector introduction gets announced. I have to admit, it is kind of fun putting in a little hunt time with the 'Limited' because back in '84-early '87 it was one of two TID models I had fun with when I was mainly using my trusty Tesoro detectors.

I was going to bring it along next month for you to play with a bit on my trip to Utah but with the surgery coming my travel plans got changed. I'll get it back there yet so you can enjoy a 'memory moment' as well.


PS: I will supply a Mark I Ltd. for you to detect with to recall those good-old days, but date and silver coins are not included.

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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Fond memories returning soon! Attachments

Monte 385 August 02, 2018 06:50AM

Fond memories returning soon!

UtahRich 200 August 03, 2018 02:25PM

Rich (Utah), it is actually good luck with THEM!

Monte 248 August 03, 2018 05:44PM

Wow ! A pair of them . . that's awesome.

UtahRich 221 August 08, 2018 02:02PM

I'm just buying one Mark I Ltd.

Monte 277 August 09, 2018 09:00AM

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