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Who needs anything new from FTP? Well, I did, twice.

October 13, 2018 08:03AM avatar
We've seen some big gatherings come and go, and even happening this weekend, but other than announcements from Nokta - Makro Detection Technologies things have been pretty quiet on the new model detector front. A month ago there was Detectival, held in the UK this year, and this weekend there is Detectorworld in Netherlands. I wonder if any USA based manufacturer, or even the better quality brands from other countries, other than Nokta-Makro, are going to introduce anything new or exciting?

Most of what we've seen this past year or two or so from FTP has been upgrades of their Teknetics T2 and Fisher F75 models, and from what I have handled (and note here I am a Tek. T2 fan) they were noteworthy enhancements. Other models, for the most part, seem to have involved a lot of model brand-swapping and new decal changes with new names. I've handled one of the newer designs with what, to me, is a goofy-looking tear-drop shaped search coil, and we continue to see so many low-end models or those that have-been targeted for the budget-minded buyer, come supplied with bigger-size 10" or 11" DD coils. That's been from most manufacturers, too, not just FTP's products.

There have been one or two newer offerings that did catch my eye in recent times, and one is the Teknetics low-priced DigiTek which comes with a 7" Concentric coil. I own and use thirteen detectors, comprised of nine different models. The additional four models are duplicates of these favorite devises that are assigned as my Daily-Travel Detector Team and stay in my vehicle (unless outdoor temperature extremes are too brutally hot or cold for them, or for me, to enjoy getting out hunting), and that provides me one or more detectors to grab for any site I encounter and searches I want to do.

Now, here is where FTP products come into play. My single-most detector that is newer and fully versatile as a general-purpose unit for any application is my Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi. The only other currently-produced detector in my Regular-Use Detector Team is a White's MX-7.

With the move to plan for the future and new model releases, Nokta-Makro recently discontinued the production of the FORS CoRe and FORS Relic devices, and that's a shame for any Avid Detectorist who wants a top-performing detector that is a prime pick for dense iron debris sites.

Joining my 2 Nokta-Makro FORS CoRe and 2 FORS Relic units are the also discontinued White's XLT and modified Classic ID, 2 Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and a Silver Sabre µMAX. All discontinued, but every one of these models have proven themselves to me afield in a wide range of detecting applications. What I was missing was a very light-weight Coin Hunting detector best suited for quick, day-to-day urban sites, and thinking of favorite models I have used that are also 'discontinued' was the Teknetics Omega 8000.

So while it might not be a 'new' First Texas model release it is a 'new' to my current detector outfit model to add an Omega 8000 back into the flock. But in the subject heading I said that I added something 'twice' that was new, or at least new-to-me, and that is a handy search coil. Anyone who knows me, hunts with me or has followed anything I have said or done for over fifty years knows that I usually prefer a smaller-size search coil. Something in the 5" to 7" size range. When I was hunting a lot with my former Omega 8K's from 2010 thru '15 I mainly relied on two search coils. The 5" DD for dense trash or confined areas, and the round 8" Concentric I swapped off of a Delta.

Well, I acquired a very good condition Omega 8000 that came with the old 3-coil package. The 11" BiAxial, the 5X9½ elliptical Concentric standard coil, and a small 5" DD. I mentioned on a forum or two that I liked the round 8" Concentric better, but I wished I had something just a bit smaller. 'Coin King' from another forum shot me a message with a photo and said he had a 7" Concentric coil that he used on his Omega 8000 and it worked great. I checked the Teknetics website and there is no 7" Concentric accessory coil listed, but there is one that is standard on the low-end DigiTek which looked like the one Coin King was offering me.

I called Teknetics and asked to speak to someone in-the-know about available accessory coils, and remember that FTP makes both the Teknetics and Fisher brands. I explained that I have an Omega 8000 and want a 7" Concentric coil. He said they don't offer it. I pointed out that it is the coil used on the DigiTek and I didn't see it listed, and again he said they don't make that coil available as it is only used on the DigiTek and that model uses a push-on coil connector and not the screw-on connector. They were less than helpful.

So I took another look at FTP products on the Fisher line and their low-cost F-11 also uses the same style 7" Concentric coil ... but it has a screw-on connector. The character at FTP Teknetics should have told me about that. So much for Customer Service. So I made the trade and acquired the screw-on 7" Concentric coil from 'Coin King' and that made two new-to-my-arsenal products from First Texas Products. thumbs up

Well, my Omega 8K arrived and then the 7" Concentric coil arrived and I got it hooked up and started checking out this combination and encountered a serious problem. I knew the Omega 8K wasn't a very good pick for serious Relic Hunting in a dense iron debris site, but I have fond memories of how well it handled so many urban Coin Hunting applications for me, and now I had this slightly smaller 7" concentric coil mounted and it was working quite well. Then I realized the problem!

I only had one Omega 8000 and only one 7" Concentric coil. Simple Problem with an Easy Fix. smiling bouncing smiley

I wanted two similar set-ups so I would have a regular travel device and a clean specimen as a 'back-up' in my den. Sometimes good things happen. Coin King listed his Omega 8000 on a Classifieds forum with both the 11" BiAxial coil I had traded with him AND the 7" Concentric like the new one he traded me.

My new-to-me yet discontinued Omega 8K outfit arrived this week and now I am set for any detecting opportunity I might encounter on my daily travels. When First Texas gets around to introducing something new and competitive I might check it out and see what it offers, but the detector market is getting pretty tough to compete in this past three or four years. Thankfully, we do still have some very decent performing discontinued models on the market from several manufacturers, to include First Texas, and I know even newcomers to this sport don't have to shop for the newest or highest priced detector just to get out and have fun.


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Who needs anything new from FTP? Well, I did, twice.

Monte 276 October 13, 2018 08:03AM

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