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Cleaned the coins and made some adjustments ... twice.

August 04, 2019 04:07AM avatar
I found the other pill bottles I forgot in my gear tote with an additional 120 Pennies, and 2 more Presidential Dollars and 2 dirty dark Dimes in with them. I knew I had a better month than my initial tally because I had several outings in early July to places that had far too many Pennies. Frustrating!

Okay, one more update correction to me earlier update correction. I was tired at 2:30 this morning and just woke up to clean the kitchen and put away the coin cleaning gear. I noticed I still had two barrels on the tumbler.eye popping smiley Now I know I've cleaned ... and counted ... all of July's finds.

I finished cleaning/counting and July's coin recoveries included:

4-Dollars, 1-Half, 96-Quarters, 104-Dimes, 64-Nickels, and a very irritating 335-Pennies for the total of 604 coins.


What really surprised me was of the 335 Pennies, I only had to throw away 6 that were eaten-up Zinc Cents!! That's one of the benefits of recovering most of them from chewed-up tires and bark-chips where only a few were down into the packed dirt where they soon get destroyed.

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Cleaned the coins and made some adjustments ... twice.

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