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Monte's failue to meet his 2019 Annual Coin Count Goal.sad smiley

January 08, 2020 10:56AM avatar
Perhaps I set my Annual Coin Count Goal a bit high at 5,000 US coins. However, was used to those kinds of numbers being easy to hit by mid-year when I was: a.. Younger and healthier ... and ... b.. Living in a larger metro area. But last year was a rough one for me as I was still recovering from surgery in late 2018, and dealing with a couple of new adventures to deal with doctors. On top of that the long wet spring and abrupt hot summer also cut in on opportunities to get out and have fun.

Then, as I mentioned in a reply to 'Remfire' in November, I messed up my September and October coin counts as noted in the copy I posted below:

"I know I was far from catching up for what I needed, and then I messed up. I realized I forgot to post my September results. Then when the end of October rolled around I gathered them up to tally and there were problems with the provider we're using for the Forums and they (the AFRPS Forums) were down for a while. Cleaning house I had a mess of coins, sorted and stacked in the way, and with some cooler days I decided to take care of coin cleaning. I got them cleaned, but then I ended up blending the two months of coins, sorted into Pennies, and Nickels and the Dime and Quarter Clad pile.

Now I had piles of cleaned coins getting in my way in the living room and, not being able to rest due to some medical pain I'm dealing with, I was cleaning house in the middle of the night and just put all the coins, by denomination, in the different jars on the shelves in my living room .... forgetting to count the coins for a September/October combined tally. angry smiley Mad at myself now because they are all mixed together and I messed up my Annual Coin Tally for the year. At least I admit my goof, but I also wasn't able to get away like I wanted to Portland or Utah for a week or so that would have significantly increased my coin recoveries. I would have come much closer to my goal, but it was a sluggish year and I doubt I would have reached it. 5,000 coins a year is a hefty goal for most folks these days, especially if they live in tiny Vale, but I'm going to use the same goal for 2020 ... and do my best to get out more often."

As I was finishing up come sorting through papers I stuck in a box while doing that November house cleaning I did find some total coin-count numbers, but not the broken-down numbers for the September and October coin finds by denomination. The few I found after Thanksgiving when I started evaluating the new Simplex+ I cleaned after Christmas and added to the cleaned-coin jars on my bookshelves figuring the coin tally I refer to above was lost. So I didn't count the few I found the end of the year since Turkey-Day so I only have a rough guess of how 2019 ended for me.

Annual Goal: 5,000 USA coins
August's Coin Finds: 303
Coins Needed to reach my 2019 Annual Goal: 3,745

That put me at 1255 coins recovered at that point, and my rough guess along with the cleaned September and October coins was probably about ±650 coins, so at beat I ended 2019 with roughly 1905 coins. That means I fell short by about 3095 coins.

So, for me, 2019 was a failure ... but I'll not giving up! I have the same goals for 2020. Might encourage me to get in every minute of hunt-time I can this year.


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Monte's failue to meet his 2019 Annual Coin Count Goal.sad smiley

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