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Coin Count Goals -

January 08, 2020 05:45PM avatar
Hey Monte,

When I set my Coin Count Goal for 2019, having missed my 2018 goal by a sizable margin, I took a heavy dose of reality and a closer look at the places I enjoy hunting, the places I hoped to hunt (more ghost towns), the amount of time I anticipated hunting and the cultural trends we're all seeing (lower volumes of coins being carried by the average Joe in favor of credit / debit type transactions). In a nutshell, I anticipated finding fewer newer coins in favor of older coins.

The result? I came up with a much lower, but more realistic, GOAL for 2019.

What happened this year? I still fell short of my 2019 goal for total US coins. But in looking back at the year, I am quite pleased with the amount of time I was able to get out, the outings I attended with you and others, my own sites I explored and the types of finds I did make. My goal for 2019 was a driving force to get out and participate and I did exactly that and made some excellent, meaningful finds.

Credit where credit is due. What needs to be recognized is the time you took from your hunting to being a coach for me and many others. I don't know if you find any consolation in this, but I have to say THANK YOU. While you've found some physical limits to your hunting, coaching others is still a way to participate.

UtahRich -


'Tis the Season for Silver and Gold
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Monte's 2019 Annual Coin Count Goal

Monte 1379 January 03, 2019 04:50PM

Monte's failue to meet his 2019 Annual Coin Count Goal.sad smiley

Monte 610 January 08, 2020 10:56AM

Coin Count Goals -

UtahRich 560 January 08, 2020 05:45PM

Re: Coin Count Goals -

Dan'o 542 January 09, 2020 10:17AM

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Cleaned the coins and made some adjustments ... twice.

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OregonGregg 816 February 01, 2019 05:40PM

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