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XP Deus and the New ORX

March 02, 2019 04:34PM avatar
I have a really nice detector outfit and don't see a real need to add anything new, however ....There are two models that interest me a lot, even to the point of wanting to get them to give a fair chance to prove to me what they can do for my wants and needs. One of those is the XP ORX.

I am taking my time looking over this. At the moment, the Deus holds more interest for me than the ORX. I had a chance to chat with Kickindirt and he answered questions and shared his thoughts on the Deus. I picked up Andy Sabisch's updated Handbook on the Deus. It arrived yesterday and I am giving it a read (and checking out the pictures too, of course). I have books and manuals on a number of detectors I was/am interested in. Some I lost interest in after learning more about them and determining they wouldn't be a good fit for me. We shall see how the Deus pans out.

I don't have $$$ burning a hole in my pocket right now, but as I sell off some of my excess detectors (those other than the 10 units in my Regular-Use Outfit) I'll set some of it aside to get an XP ORX. Yes, that's true. In two paragraphs in a row I've committed my plan to get an ORX. It might take a month or two as I have some other commitments I have to deal with, plus I want to give it a chance to make sure there aren't any bugs in this new model. Probably shouldn't be since it's based on the proven Deus model.

It will be tough for me to figure out how one might make a good 'fit' in my detector team, but that's part of the fun in evaluating anything new and different. I might end up keeping the device, or it might be one of the units off to the Buy/Sell/Trade group. confused smiley


I understand about the money thing. Life is busy here at the moment. As you can see on the Buy/Sell/Trade page, I have several detectors that I had really great plans for, but not enough time to devote to them. So, time to find a good home for them. Once I get them relocated, and IF my studying up on the Deus proves good, I can see about applying the proceeds to a good used Deus.

Then all I need to do is take a bit of a drive west of my place here in Utah and meet up with Kickindirt somewhere out in the middle of Nevada for some education and learning. And who knows, MAYBE I'll come across yourself and Gregg doing a bit of the same thing. Maybe. Time will tell. thumbs up

Rich (Utah)

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Two points of interest regarding the XP Metal Detectors Forum

Monte 231 March 01, 2019 06:02AM

Interest regarding the XP Metal Detectors Forum

UtahRich 136 March 01, 2019 01:15PM

Back to you, Rich, and relating it to the XP 'brand.'

Monte 165 March 02, 2019 05:23AM

XP Deus and the New ORX

UtahRich 160 March 02, 2019 04:34PM

Re: Monte and bugs

Kickindirt 142 March 02, 2019 07:23AM

Thanks, Joel. It will be interesting, and who knows the outcome??? N/T

Monte 143 March 02, 2019 09:23AM

Re: Now your talking Monte!!!

Kickindirt 133 March 02, 2019 07:12AM

A Surprise.

OregonGregg 144 March 02, 2019 06:47AM

The XP ORX will, at least, provide some entertainment.smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 138 March 02, 2019 09:20AM

Re: The XP ORX will, at least, provide some entertainment.smiling bouncing smiley

Kickindirt 159 March 02, 2019 09:37AM

Re: The XP ORX will, at least, provide some entertainment.smiling bouncing smiley

D&P-OR 155 March 02, 2019 10:22AM

XP ORX Display. Differs from the Deus.

UtahRich 137 March 10, 2019 11:22PM

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